How are companies using AI for the recruitment process?

Anyone who deals with recruitment knows that finding the perfect candidate is often a daunting task. Selection of many applications, phone calls, and recruitment meetings – recruiters have their plates full. Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence comes to the rescue. Let’s see how companies use this technology to improve the recruitment process.

5 ways companies are using AI for recruitment

Currently, the potential of AI in the recruitment process is most clearly manifested in repetitive tasks, such as reviewing CVs, as well as in chat bots that provide real-time communication. Although AI in recruitment isn’t able to replace human beings, it saves time by automating some processes and analyzing data. Thanks to this, the recruiter can focus more on getting on well with candidates and better cooperation with the business.

Below are five ways that companies are using AI in the recruitment process.


Passive candidates are candidates who don’t submit applications, don’t visit job websites, and don’t respond to recruitment campaigns. For many companies, finding the perfect candidate is time-consuming and sometimes difficult. The use of AI technology enables a faster and more effective search process. The algorithm analyzes the passive candidate’s activity. Then, it assesses whether the candidate is ready for a change and whether it is worth presenting him with a job offer. Because recruits don’t have to do it manually, it can save a lot of time.


AI-powered interview software can select candidates based on the analysis of their speech. Taking into account the words and intonation, AI is able to determine candidate’s

  • Personality
  • Commitment
  • Sincerity
  • Communication skills

Besides, it can also assess emotions by analyzing facial expressions during a video interview. As a consequence, the process of candidate verification is much easier.


Advanced chat bots using AI prove themselves in the acquisition, selection, and conversation with candidates in real time. Of course, they aren’t able to replace a conversation with a real person, but they have a huge impact on the candidate’s experience. And effective communication is the basis of a positive candidate experience. Chat bots are tools that interact with candidates in real time via chat on the website or social media. Their main task is to:

  • Ask questions based on job requirements
  • Send information about the company or position that the candidate expects
  • Suggest the next steps
  • Showcase available employment options based on the candidate’s preferences and skills

The use of AI in recruitment can therefore replace the stage of pre-selection of candidates.


CV screening is essential during the recruitment process. Effective selection of employees requires a lot of time. Therefore, AI may turn out to be the best recipe for accelerating the recruitment process. One cannot omit the important support here, which is the ATS recruitment system. A modern recruitment platform significantly facilitates the work of a recruiter. Thanks to many data filtering options, it ensures efficient identification of candidates meeting the criteria and requirements specified in the advertisement. This enables recruiters to work more efficiently and find the right candidates faster.


Hiring high-quality candidates from the recommendation of current employees is an excellent solution. A referred new employee is often better matched, more engaged, and less likely to leave than a new hire who wasn’t referred.

As a result, employee referral programs and employee recommendations are becoming more popular. By leveraging AI, businesses can locate and engage the best passive employees in their workforce’s network.


AI, with its ability to collect large amounts of data and effective processing, supports the recruitment process. Automation allows for quick and effective verification of candidates. Also, it enables searching for valuable talents for the company. It improves the quality of employment, reducing employee turnover. Minimizes the risk of acquiring people with low performance and low commitment. The use of AI gives you the following benefits:

  • It speeds up the recruitment process
  • It reduces costs of HR processes
  • and relieves recruiters of performing tedious, repetitive tasks

Undoubtedly, AI in recruitment is a good opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in your sector!

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