How A Numerology Psychic Reading Changed Me

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Numerology is a term used to describe divination based on the universal language of numbers. Several interpretive systems assign meanings to digits and letters and include methods for calculating numbers that have personal significance. Discover how a psychic reading based in numerology can increase your self-knowledge, shed light on your life path and destiny and deepen your insight.

Unlocking Your Numbers

A numerology reading can change your outlook on life by revealing the numbers that shape your life. There are several core numbers in numerology, such as life path, destiny, birth day, expression and heart’s desire numbers. Calculating these numbers can deepen your awareness of the forces that shape your identity.

Life path numbers based on birth dates can unlock a deeper understanding of your personality and values. Learning more about this number can provide you with insight into your past, present and future.

Destiny numbers are calculated by converting the letters in your name into numbers. Double-digit numbers in numerology are often reduced by adding the digits together. For some numbers, such as your birth day number, the double-digit number captures the full meaning.

Learning Valuable Lessons Along The Way

The system of numerology can teach valuable lessons. Many people are aware of astrology, and know their sun sign. Simply reading an Aquarius zodiac can offer a basic level of insight. You can learn more by learning about placements in your birth chart beyond your sun sign and by combining astrology with an awareness of significant numbers in your life or the numerology of important dates.

Divination with numbers has a history that spans centuries. Getting a numerology reading can invite you to learn more about the history of numerology across cultures. You can also gain insight that transcends your cultural background.

Many people have preconceptions about particular numbers being lucky or unlucky. Numerology can help you better understand personal and cultural beliefs associated with numbers. For instance, superstition surrounds the number 13 in the western world. Reducing this number by adding the digits leads to the number four, which is considered unlucky in Chinese culture.

Combining Numerology With Other Systems

Some numerology psychics also use other systems of divination such as astrology or tarot cards. These systems draw on numerology, and your understanding of both can be enhanced by learning more about numerology.

Learning more about the numbers associated with your date of birth, such as your life path and birth day numbers, can provide you with information to synthesize with your horoscope. Daily numerology can also offer greater insight into how astrological transits impact your daily life. Tarot cards in the major and minor arcana, with the exception of suit cards, are also numbered.

Whether you are familiar with numerology or want to know more about divination with numbers, you can learn more from readings by psychics who specialize in numerology. Seek out a psychic skilled in this method and familiarize yourself with basic concepts, such as life path numbers, to get the most out of a numerology reading.