Homeschool Heroes: Can You Start Homeschooling at Any Time?

With the coronavirus spreading through schools, many parents thought about home-schooling their children earlier this year, and if they could start right away. Can you start homeschooling anytime you want?

There are likely many questions parents have about homeschooling, and we’re here to answer them. We created this guide to help you understand the process and any worries you might have about homeschooling your kids.

Homeschooling is an affordable and many times better experience than a traditional public or private school. It’s enriching for your children and provides them a diverse education that many other students don’t.

How Early Can You Start Homeschooling?

You can start homeschooling your child as early as pre-school or kindergarten. You should check your state guidelines for more specific information. The real question is “Is your home, schedule, and children ready for homeschooling?”

You need to have the time available at home to teach your children. Your schedule must account for daily instruction time. There are standards you must meet.

Many parents wait until their children are school age to begin homeschooling, but it’s up to you. If you believe you can handle the rigors of teaching your child and your child has the emotional and physical ability to handle at-home schooling, then you’re ready.

Find more information for specific needs and requirements.

Can You Start Homeschooling Middle of the School Year?

This question came up a lot during the pandemic when parents feared taking their children to school. There are also motivations such as bullying, trouble with teachers and administration, etc.

You can start mid-year, but it’s more difficult than if you start from the beginning. You first need to know your state’s laws as many require a notice of intent and curriculum descriptions. Each state has different requirements.

Child and parent must remove the standard schooling program from their minds. You may have both spent years in a very structured environment and that is a shift from homeschooling.

There’s going to be a transition period for both of you and there may be some frustration.

What Do You Need for Homeschooling?

Each state is different as is each grade. You need to contact a local homeschooling agency to find out specifics. Homeschooling can be socially limiting, so you’ll want to arrange times for friends to come over and times for your child to have fun outside of school.

You’ll need a course of study based on your child’s grade level. It gets more complicated the older they get because they can be placed in different levels because of ability, or they can choose courses.

Parents must also have academic pacing, so they learn the curriculum in a timely manner.

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You Can Do It

Can you start homeschooling your child? Yes, you can. It’s an experience that most children love and brings everyone closer together. You can do it and do it well. There are many resources available to help you.

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