Hololive En Gen 2

If you are an active YouTube user, then you have probably noticed unusual bloggers. Let’s say animated characters that create the same content as real people. The difference is that these are anime tyans with fox ears or horns. And if you don’t know what it is, we’ll explain it to you. And if you’re already familiar with this trend, you’ve probably heard of Hololive En Gen 2.

What is VTuber?

Not so long ago, video content lovers learned about a new trend – the term virtual YouTuber. This type of streaming first appeared in Japan and China. No wonder virtual YouTubers have the appearance of anime characters.

Now Vtube is very popular and even has entire destinations and agencies. Virtual YouTubers sing, dance, chat, and review. Particular attention is drawn to Hololive Production and its projects. For example, Hololive en Gen 2. The popularity of this movement is simply incredible. If at the beginning of 2018, there were about 200 virtual bloggers on YouTube, now this figure is close to ten thousand.

Hololive and Its Projects

Among all Vtube-directions, Hololive and its characters occupy a special role. By the way, Hololive Production is a virtual YouTube agency owned by the Japanese company Cover Corporation. And they originally offered Hololive as a 3D avatar creation app. They then noticed that YouTubers were increasingly using virtual images instead of real ones and created the first group of independent YouTubers known as Generation Zero.

Then Cover Corporation created several more next generations, and then new ones appeared: Hololive China, Hololive Indonesia, and Hololive English or Hololive EN Gen 2. This includes characters such as:

  • Tsukumo Sana. Speaker of the Space, materialized by the gods. Here on earth, she studied astrology and became an apostle of the Ancients after she stumbled upon the truth.
  • Ceres Fauna. The second concept of the gods and also the guardian of nature.
  • Ouro Kronii. Also known as the Keeper of Time. It is most inextricably linked to humans and is the third divine concept.
  • Nanashi Mumei. Unlike the previous members of Hololive en Gen 2 Debut, she is not born of the gods but is a symbol of all the wealth of man.
  • Hakos Baelz. A pure concept of chaos generated by itself. Like everyone else, she is appointed by the gods as a member of the council.

All of these characters are members of the Council and Hololive en Gen 2 generations. The girls have already started tweeting from their accounts and making new streams.

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