High Quality Immune Cells for Scientific Research

The cells, in the Human Immune system, are the most vital ones in our body. They act as a protective shield against viruses, bacteria or other toxic antigens causing certain diseases. 

Importance of Immune Cells in Scientific Research:

Scientific research, studying the Immune System of Humans, covers extensive topics. Where Scientists try to follow the phenomenon of Intracellular Immunity, An amount of them also evaluates the role of Immune cells against diseases.  

With the advancement in Immunology, we now have discovered unconventional treatments for acute diseases. Such as, use of T cells in scientific research has resulted in the exploration of novel treatments for cancer. 

Get Variety of High-Quality Immune Cells:

Undoubtedly, Human cells are required for scientific research. However, It is quite difficult to attain high-quality and ethically obtained samples for your research. CYTOLOGICS helps you with this matter. We offer fresh, finest and cryopreserved Immune Cells accelerating your research. Further, we deliver custom cells. 

Thus, Researchers in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostic and Academic markets can rely on our specimens to acquire viable and functional cells every time. 

  • T Cells:

T cells, in the Human Immune system, are the Lymphocytes that are specified by the expression of CD3 on the surface of a cell. These are the key cell types associated with the cell-mediated Immunity.  Originating in the bone marrow, T cells help in destroying the harmful invaders. As well as, they allow the B cells to activate through the thymus-dependent response. At CYTOLOGICS, you can acquire different variants of T cells which are as follows.

  • CD4+ Helper T Cells. 
  • CD3+ Pan T Cells.
  • CD8+ Cytotoxic T Cells.

These variants of T cells play different roles in regulating the homeostasis of the Immune system. 

CD3+ Pan Cells

  • B Cells:

Like the T cells, B cells are also the vital Lymphocytes in the Human Immune system. However, they are specified by the expression of CD19 on the surface of the cell. These cell types are responsible for the Humoral Immune response. 

As discussed earlier, B cells activate with the aid of T cells. 

They come across with an antigen upon activation and serve as an Antigen-presenting cell (APCs). Moreover, B cells make antibodies opposed to detrimental antigens. Later, they evolve into Memory B cells or Plasma cells. 

We offer high-quality CD19+, Human peripheral B cells that are extracted from the mononuclear cell fraction via negative selection. 

CD19+ B Cells


Monocytes, peripheral blood type CD14+, arise in the bone marrow. Arriving at the infected peripheral tissue, through the bloodstream, Monocytes transform into a specific tissue called Macrophage. 

Monocytes, in the Human Immune system, are the key type of Immune cells that are involved in Phagocytosis of foreign bodies. Plus, they acquire the ability to kill destructive host cells, in the body, through antibody-mediated cytotoxicity.  

Similar to the B cells, Monocytes are also extracted from the mononuclear cell fraction with the aid of the negative fraction.

Monocytes CD14+


All of the specimens, at CYTOLOGICS, are tested and evaluated. Therefore, you can confidently acquire the fresh and custom specific Immune cells required for the scientific research and development efforts.

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