Here is Our Latest Update on Capital Smart City in Islamabad

Pakistan’s capital city Islamabad has seen a significant increase in growth. The buying of plots is becoming more popular. For this purpose, they have joined numerous contracts. Development can be seen regularly. Golfers are intrigued by the possibility of playing a standard 18-hole course there. The site will gradually be modified into a hotel and resort complex. A steady stream of assistance will be made available to those in need. The National Defense University signed the MOU for the project’s department of education. The earlier stages of the project are nearing completion. There are four tube wells to deliver the community’s water necessities. The project has required the purchase of 200 pieces of machine tools.

A lot of progress is being made in Smart City Islamabad. As a result of these agreements, high tech equipment and high attributes will soon be available to the public. There will be an internationally accepted 18-hole golf course and a Movenpick hotel to provide the best hospitality assistance in the community. The facilities of Harradine golf have indeed been obtained. Renovation of the National Defense University’s new facility in this luxurious residential building has also been agreed upon.

There has been a conspicuous acceleration in the pace of improvement at Capital Smart City since its public opening a short while ago. Using high-tech equipment, the land’s levelling and plotting is nearing completion. And over 200 heavy equipment and four tube wells are used to meet the current demand for water in the community. The Capital Smart City Islamabad is advancing at a rapid pace. Every toil is being made to ensure that work effectiveness is not compromised at any time of the day or night. As of today, the following are some noteworthy updates:

  • Access to the main thoroughfares and highways
  • Overseas Block 1 and 2
  • Progress is being made on the Villas, as well.
  • Capital Hills and Overseas Prime
  • Other Constructions and Buildings

Officials have prioritised this community step, so they’ve decided to begin advancement work in the foreign block first. The remainder of the blocks is expected to be completed soon. Mentioned below are the major advancements in society.

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Network of Paved Roads

Solid carpeted roads have been prioritised to improve transportation and commute in society, and the development of the 300-foot-long main Boulevard is nearing completion.

Advancement in Site-02 & 03 in Overseas Block Area 1 & 2:

After completing the levelling and charting of the region in Sites 1 and 2 of the society, the society is now focusing on the infrastructure, according to recent advancement work. Groundbreaking for a mosque, the foundation for a shaft, the curbstones and saucer drains are all underway in Block C of the international block.

Buildings and Structures in progress:

Before Dec 2019, blacktop work had been scheduled to begin in June 2019. The official announcement of Capital Smart City Islamabad was carried on May 2, 2019, at an exclusive event held at the Capital Smart City premises. A total of 5,570 hectares of land have been acquired by Capital smart City in the Chakri Road and River Sill area as of November 21, 2019. An expansion area for Capital Smart City is coming soon, and the organisation has begun creating its master plan.

Advancement at the CSCI location has made a significant leap forward in recent months. Included in this list:

Access 2 to Progress Site-01.

  • Base & Electrical Work is currently being done.

Advancement at Site-02 Main Roads R-1 & Access 1 &2

  • Base work in progress at intersection access road 2 to Chakri Road
  • Horticulture Work in progress
  • Electrical work

Progress Site -2 & 3. Overseas Block Area 1 &2

  • The cutting of plots in Block A
  • Earthwork
  • Sub-base work
  • Excavation Advancement

Progress Site-4 Executive Blocks

  • The backfilling of the Main Sewage Line is currently underway.
  • Earthwork
  • Baselayer & Sub-layer of roadways
  • Building and Framework work
  • Rebar Repairing of Grider-16 at Access Bridge 2
  • Access Bridge 2’s Transom Pier 1 rebar fixing
  • Access Bridge 2’s Grider-14 Formwork
  • Rebar Fixing for Bowl in Block- Overseas Block-C
  • Curbstones for the Island at the Access-2 Junction with Chakri Road
  • Drain wall framework at Access 1 Strom water drain
  • Brick Construction for Parapet Wall- Overseas Mosque First Floor
  • Overseas Mosque Ground-Floor Electrical Wire Pulling
  • Structure for Stairs- Overseas Mosque Ground Floor
  • Structural steel Correcting for columns-Overseas block B Smart School
  • Overseas Block – Lean Concrete –A
  • Rebar Fixing for Plinth Beam in progress- Overseas Block- A

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