Helping Elderly Parents Stay Active in Cold Weather

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Most of us find it harder to stay active in cold weather. We’re more likely to drive instead of walking if the weather is bad. We might find it harder to get out of bed in the mornings to exercise before work. Things like outdoor jogging and hiking are far less appealing, especially when it is raining. We’re generally more likely to want to snuggle up in the warm than head out to the gym after a busy day when it’s dark and cold. Staying active in the wintertime is even harder for older people who may find mobility more difficult when they are cold.

Why Should Elderly People Stay Active in the Winter?

You may wonder why you need to help your elderly parents stay active when it’s cold. If you want to spend more time resting indoors, why shouldn’t they? Well, staying active can help them to stay healthy, fit, and happy. Activity and even very gentle exercise can boost their circulation, improve their heart health, reduce the risk of illness and depression, and help them to stay warm and happy.

Consider Assisted Living

If you have an elderly parent who lives alone and struggles with mobility, you might find increasing their activity difficult, even in warmer weather. Helping them to move into assisted living in Chicago can be the ideal solution.

Living in assisted living gives your loved one access to healthcare but also onsite fitness classes, friends to walk with, and a chance to regain some independence which they may feel they have lost if they are struggling to live alone.

Your loved one moving into assisted living can also give you the peace of mind of knowing that they are being cared for, and you aren’t on your own in your quest to help them to stay active and healthy over a harsh winter.

Find Groups and Clubs

If your parent lives alone, spend some time researching clubs and groups that they could join in their local area. This could include things like exercise clubs to keep them active, but also things like craft groups and coffee mornings they could attend. Remember, it doesn’t have to be an exercise to get them out of the house and moving around.

Walking groups can offer an excellent way for them to stay active, make friends and get some fresh air. Just make sure they’ve got warm and waterproof coats and shoes before they get started.

Take them Out

One of the reasons our older loved ones move less is because they have nothing to do. Retirement can be boring, and they may have a lot of free time and little idea of what to do with it. Invite them to your home, but also on day trips with your family and friends, to give them things to look forward to.

There are many advantages to helping your elderly parents to stay more active in the wintertime. Just remember that they might find it more difficult, and mobility might be more of an issue when they are cold. If you are worried, or there are signs that their health and mobility are deteriorating, help them to see a doctor for advice.