Hair Hacks Before, During and After Beach Trips

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Summer is the perfect season for beach trips with friends and family. It is the best time to enjoy wearing swimwear, having sun-kissed skin, and sporting mermaid’s hair. However, with such happiness also comes the potential risk for your skin and hair. Prolonged sun exposure can take a toll on your hair condition. Your locks may get so damaged that even your hair growth shampoos or conditioners can’t save them.

However, beach trips won’t be complete without basking in the sun. What you can do then is to protect your hair at all costs to prevent further hair damage. So, how should you prepare your hair before, during, and after a beach trip?

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Dos and Don’ts Before, During, and After Your Beach Trip

Here are some valuable hair hacks that one can do before, during, and after a beach escapade so that you’d get to enjoy your summer hair without getting it damaged.

1. Before the Beach Trip

1. Shower your hair with love every day by applying a generous amount of hair conditioner.

Women need to moisturize their tresses with a hair conditioner every day. Hair conditioners help seal hair cuticles, disallowing moisture loss while keeping the strands smooth and soft. This everyday routine not only helps maintain your hair’s elasticity but also ensures your hair’s safety against dehydration caused by the scorching heat of the sun. 

2. Slather some leave-in conditioners with SPF before getting exposed to the sun.

Yes, your hair and scalp also need sun protection. As a matter of fact, many hair products have SPF that can withstand prolonged sun exposure. Therefore, make sure to apply sunblock lotion not only on your skin but also slather some leave-in conditioner before leaving for the trip.

3.During the Beach Trip

1. Wear a summer hat as much as possible when you are not dipping in the pool or water.

Hats or any headwear can block sunlight, adding extra protection to your hair. Hence, revamp your summer fashion by sporting summer headwear such as sun hats, scala visors, fisherman hats, and beach fedoras. 

4. Don’t forget to spray some sun protectants now and then.

Sun protectants for your hair, such as sunscreen mists, should also be re-applied as much as possible for total protection against UV rays and dehydration. It would also be best to use sunscreen solutions with SPF 50 and above to enjoy your stay under the sun for a longer time. Put the solution in a small spritz bottle so that you can bring your sunscreen mist anytime and anywhere.

5. Avoid staying out too long under the sun.

No matter how frequently you condition your hair or spray sunscreen mist on your tresses, you should still avoid basking in the sun for an extended period. It can dry out your locks, parch your scalp, and may even cause hair shedding resulting from moisture loss. To prevent drying your hair and suffering from sunburns, try to bask in the sun for five to 10 minutes. 

1. After the Beach Trip

2. Treat your hair with extra conditioning.

You may have gotten those desirable tan lines and sun-kissed skin, but your hair may not be in its most desirable condition. Hence, it would be essential to start treating your hair after a beach trip since it’ll most likely be super dry. What you need is to bring back your hair’s softness and moisture by using hair masks. These deep conditioning treatments reseal your cuticles and smooth rough edges, giving your hair a fresher and softer look. Hence, you can use coconut milk, coconut oil, honey, yogurt, and eggs to make your post-beach hair treatment.

Never Let Your Hair Get Ruined and Ruin The Fun Under the Sun.

It’s always fun having fun under the sun, rolling on the sand, and enjoying the salty beach waves. However, don’t let the summer heat ruin your hair for good. Always be prepared for spontaneous beach trips and summer outings by conditioning your locks with hair growth conditioners and serums. Lastly, be confident in staying under the sun by using hair products with high SPF levels to give your locks the ultra-protection they need to have fun under the bright sun.