Great Running Apps To Keep You Moving

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You’ve made the decision to get off the couch. Running apps are great for tracking your progress, keeping your metrics, and encouraging you to keep going. Look at a running up as an electronic running buddy ̶ and millions swear by them.

Not only will they keep you moving but they also keep track of performance metrics such as pace, distance, mileage, heart rate and the calories you have burned. Some are free to use like the software at rush games casino while others need a paid subscription to access premium features. Best of all, many offer supportive communities, a good way to keep you motivated.

Great for beginners: C25K

This a great app for newbies to running. Based on a run/walk training method, C25K’s audio coach lets you know when it’s time to run or walk. It supports 3 weekly runs of 30-40 minutes and aims to have you 5km ready in 8 weeks. It also keeps track of your routes and progress. The acronym stands for Couch to 5K.

Reaching your health goals: MyFitnessPal

This app is tailored for those that want to improve overall fitness and health by watching their diet. It helps you by keeping track of what you eat, calories, ingredients breakdowns and your physical activity. It has an active online community and offers daily coaching.

If you travel a lot: MapMyRun

MapMyRun offers real-time audio coaching, you can view time, distance, speed, and pace on the run. A great feature if you travel a lot for work is its ability to find local run routes in new cities. The app also has a Gear Tracker feature which tells you when you need new shoes.

Best for experienced marathon runners: Runtastic

This app tracks over 120 activities and is perfect for marathon runners to save all stats, routes, and training metrics in one place. It offers training plans for both marathons and other race distances. Runtastic has the added benefit of syncing with both Android and Apple together with Garmin and MyFitnessPal.

Best all-rounder: Runkeeper

This app really is a keeper in that it has been out there for a while and is used by millions or runners. It offers a strong running support community and can be used at all levels, from newbie to advanced. Runkeeper has various useful feature such as tracking your distance, pace, and overall time. You can also change your routine by following one of app’s tailored routes. And best of all, it’s easy to use.

Using the right running app can help you reach your goals and keep focused. But which one is best for you? A good app to start with is easy-to-use Runkeeper, which caters for all running levels. If you get to the marathon stage, then Runtastic is the right one for you.

But is you require support and structured running plans, like most of us out there, then C25K is your best bet.