Google’s new function: image search engine added fact check report

The search engine Google announced on the opening day (22nd) of the 2020 Global Fact 7 Annual Meeting (Global Fact 7) that it will introduce the fact-checking report into the Google Images search engine (Google Images) from now on. This move will help users understand the Internet. It is expected that the speed of the work of checking and verifying the images will be accelerated.

Alexios Mantzarlis, head of Google News and Information Credibility Department, introduced that the principle of this new feature is not complicated, but it is an important step after Google “recognizes the key role that images play in the dissemination of information.” step. Mantzarlis is the former director of the International Fact-Checking Network.

Google’s move has been well received by many checking reporters. As soon as the news came out, Glenn Kessler, the head of the fact-checking team of The Washington Post, immediately commented on the live online discussion. On Twitter, David Clinch, director of Storyful Global Strategic Partners, a digital news content agency, one of the talkers at the annual meeting ) And several fact-checking reporters also expressed support.

Mansalis said that when users search for images using the Google image engine, if the photos of the relevant subject have been checked by the fact-checking organization, the search results will show the images mentioned and used in the relevant check report; and the check results will be Presented in the form of picture information.

Take the online message of “Sharks swimming in the streets of Houston” as an example. When a user searches for “Sharks swimming in street houston” in an image engine, they will see the report image of the American fact-checking organization PolitiFact appearing in the search results; click on the image Like information, you can browse related rumors, assessment results, and links to reports.

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