Good health not for sale If you want it, you have to exercise!

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Having good health, everyone wants to have them. But not everyone will be satisfied with this kind of thing. Because the way of life in our people Or different social status Eating food that doesn’t make a good choice first Addictive news on smartphones and social media causes too much stress. Where the subject to work that is must be done every day carrying the burden of all expenses. Sigh!!! These things are things that cause our internal body to deteriorate and result in external appearance such as acne, dull face, humpback, it looks like a person experiencing a mental state, etc.

So we have come up with some tips to leave friends who are interested in exercise, how to be healthy and kind at the same time, which if friends have tried to follow it. I can assure you that you will definitely change to a new, brighter person!!!

# 6 How to exercise to brighten your life

1. Running

It is considered to be one of the types of sports that people today like to organize events like running against disease or running for charity, etc. Because it is exercise that helps reduce stress problems. Stimulate the blood to nourish the heart and burn a lot of calories. What is important for women is that it can make every portion of the body smaller, just the way women want it.

2. Swimming

It is an exercise that most people rarely do. Due to having to go to the pool only But if anyone’s home has a private swimming pool, this is very good, as it is both a sport and a very serious calorie-burning exercise, since every position of swimming is required. Ie the neck, arms, legs, feet to enable swimming. These things have good health benefits such as lowering blood pressure. And a healthy heart

3. Cycling

It is a very popular exercise for people of all sexes and ages, especially if you can get up and go for a spin in the morning, it will have a very good effect on your body because cycling in the fresh air. Will allow the body to receive oxygen fully It also stimulates the production of collagen in the body. Help make our face look bright and young enough.

4. Aerobic dance or aerobic exercise

Considered to be a type of exercise that is both healthy and fun. Since you don’t have to lift heavy iron balls, just follow the dance instructor, move them every day, little by little, at least 30 minutes per day. To help dilate blood vessels and burn fat better

5. Exercise at the gym or fitness.

Most people are not keen to exercise at the gym due to the crowd. And don’t know where to start to get right Therefore becoming embarrassed and afraid to come to exercise alone But fitness is a very good option for newbies, as there are knowledgeable trainers available to guide you every step of the way, or if you want to get yourself in the shape of the best, you can hire a personal trainer. So that the trainer keeps tabs on the eating schedule Exercise to No problem, right?

6. Sit-ups

It is a very good exercise to build abdominal muscles to give you a beautiful and charming sitpack. Helping to get fit and firm Just do it every day, 15-20 times a day, 3 sets, you don’t have to be afraid to wear belly button. Plus good health, not easily tired as well


Finally, hopefully this article will help you choose which physical activity you are suitable for. Because naturally, having good health has a few secrets that

Which we really do not need to rely on supplements at all you just need to adjust your viewpoint, eating attitude. Including life by adding the word “pay attention” more than usual Just as good health is not far away.

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