Going Viral On LinkedIn; Top 8 Tricks That Work.

Pessimists are giving up on growing their personal and business network on LinkedIn while optimists are still grinding. Find out how you can go viral on LinkedIn with amazing top 8 tricks that do the magic.

Every day, millions of chats, posts, and videos are shared on LinkedIn. Business owners, researchers, professors from universities, and students struggle to establish a solid ground and build a massive network of followers and fans. How do you stay up and doing in the competition?

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Here are the top 8 tricks and tips on how to go viral on LinkedIn

1. Play natural and be original

From people in academia, business moguls, CEOs, IT experts to entrepreneurs and students, everyone struggles in the race to be popular. One way to win the competition is to be yourself and act naturally. Decide the suitable pattern to network with people that align with your hobbies, habits, and passion, and follow it consistently. Don’t copy anyone. Don’t imitate.

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2. Polish your profile

Maintaining a unique, refined, and professionally-looking LinkedIn profile is vital to your success on the platform. Put up your best with an excellent description and appealing profile picture. Make sure to fill up your profile details, including jobs, experiences, education, hobbies, and accomplishments. All these factors contribute to your chances of moving up or dropping down.

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3. Advertise your best skills

The right people will follow your posts and updates when attracted to you due to your skills and personal qualities. Putting up your best skills will convince your contacts about your expertise which may serve their needs. Use your space for advertising your skills, building your reputation, amplifying your message, making your profile more visible to a larger audience.

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4. Choose your best picture for your profile.

Use simple, professional, modest, and bright pictures on your LinkedIn profile. Since you are connecting with varieties of people, it’s best to use an enhanced and bright photo that communicates to your network about you. Your picture should be alluring and depictive of your profession or hobby. However, make sure your LinkedIn profile image is the same as what you use on other platforms.

5. Use and Maintain your real name

Avoid using your nickname or poet names on your LinkedIn profile if you want to go viral. Also, don’t change your name quite often. Using vulgar or banal nicknames can make your audience lose trust in your messages. So, better use your actual names and stick to them forever.

6. Contact and connect with the right people

Don’t just connect with everyone on LinkedIn who comes your way. Instead, connect only with like-minded people who share the same aspirations as you. Start contacting those people and continuously use personalized keywords to search and link up with your ideal LinkedIn users. Getting at least 600+ followers and contacts is just a great start to grow and maintain a viral LinkedIn engagement.

7. Grab attention with your headlines and posts

Content is the main focus here! Not just any content but the one that captures and retains your audiences’ attention. To attract people to your profile and posts, you must start with a captivating and concise headline and titles, just like in email copywriting. The first is to get your contacts’ attention, followed by your ability to keep them reading and savoring your content.

8. Share your profile

Now that you have a polished and enhanced profile with exciting content, it’s time to share your profile and build your contact list. Share your profile to external communities and other social media from which you’ll draw more followers.


Building your fanbase and going viral on LinkedIn requires patience, endurance, humility, and consistency. Having a great profile, reaching out to people, and sharing valuable content remain the best options if you are interested in going viral on LinkedIn. The pros always advise that you don’t give up. Rather keep sharing meaningful content daily and stand a chance to go viral and upwards soon.

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