Ghost Kitchens Buiilding, Innovation in Current Culinary Business

In this pandemic era, you can find many businesses, especially those who operate in the food industry, have to put on the closed sign in their front door. In a bigger scope, it is hurting the economy itself when small to midsized restaurant businesses go bankrupt. Since humans always find the best in any circumstances, you do not have to worry, especially for restaurant business owners who are in a dire moment of their business. There is a new business opportunity in the food industry that has become quite popular among customers in recent years. It refers to a ghost kitchen.

Ghost kitchens building itself is a term that indicates a culinary business who prepare food only for delivery purpose. In another sense, the business itself does not have a physical kitchen. In some circumstances, ghost kitchen owners usually rent a kitchen or utilize their home kitchen for business purposes. As for the menu and order, they are registered online through delivery applications. Ghost kitchen innovation itself becomes more familiar to the pandemic that we face at this moment. Hence, if you are one of the entrepreneurs or someone who already has a considerable amount of funds and interested in the culinary industry, ghost kitchens building is one of the profitable business opportunities in this pandemic era.

This article will provide any information in regards to ghost kitchen, especially the way to start this culinary business. Everything you need to know, we have it in here for you.

How do I start a ghost kitchen?

Suppose that you have interested in the concept of a ghost kitchen. You have to know the standard business plan of a ghost kitchen. We have listed some of the typical business procedural that you should have to comprehend in starting a ghost kitchen.

  • Planning your delivery concept

This is crucial since the ghost kitchen concept itself is a delivery order system. Hence, you have to plan your delivery method carefully. There are several things that you have to consider, like the type of packaging for your food that can sustain its heat, the type of vehicle that suits your local area, and so on.

  • Determine the niche

A typical thing that you should have set prior to opening your restaurant is to determine the niche. By doing some research to understand your local neighborhood, if you think that most of them in need of delivery orders, then you good to go. Another thing is you must have research as well to determine the menu that nobody server in your locals. By doing it, you can provide something new for the local customers.

  • Establish the brand

Due to the fact that your business presence is online, you have to establish a brand that can represent your menu and give an excellent impression to the customers.

  • Pick your supplier

Starting a business in the culinary industry, you have to utilize the local ingredients as your main ingredients. In doing so, you can get acknowledgment from the local community by embracing the local ingredients.

  • Ready for Order

Finally, you are ready to open your ghost kitchen and start competing in the digital culinary market.

How many ghost kitchens are there?

In giving you a better perspective on starting a ghost kitchen, you get to know the types of ghost kitchens so you can easily navigate your business and determine its goals properly. Now, let see some of the fundamental types of ghost kitchen that popular among entrepreneurs.

  • Incubator Kitchens

The incubator kitchen is also referred to as the pop-up kitchen and is integrated with conventional restaurants; however, it is purposefully for online orders. It fits those who already have their own restaurant but want to keep up with the current digital marketing competitiveness. You can utilize your existing kitchen for a ghost kitchen.

Having an incubator kitchen will give you some benefits, like an exclusive space that specifically fulfills the online orders—opening a new stream of revenue. Last but not least, is you get the chance to test a new menu in your restaurant by providing it on your online menu. 

  • Commissary Kitchens

A Commissary kitchen is a space of ghost kitchen that you rent for others. You only have to maximize the kitchen utensils and any other accessories. Afterward, you can immediately rent the space of your kitchen for those who are in need of a ghost kitchen. In other term, the commissary kitchen is also known as a shared kitchen. Since you have to share all the kitchen equipment besides of its spaces with other restaurants who use it, the commissary kitchen can be very profitable for the providers if you have a five-star restaurant-quality kitchen. As for the restaurant that uses your kitchens, the benefit of a commissary kitchen is they do not have to pay a significant amount of money upfront in order to use the ghost kitchen.

  • Kitchen Pods

Like its name, the ghost kitchen is in the pod, like small containers that build for kitchen usage. However, this type of ghost kitchen is highly not recommended due to the zoning laws associated with the pod’s space.

How much money do I need to open a ghost restaurant?

For the amount of funds that you needed to have your own ghost kitchens building, let us take a look at how much you will need to open an actual restaurant. Typically you will need at least $275,000 to have your very own restaurant. But, do not forget about the land, if for some circumstances, you may need to buy the land first, then your initial fund should be at least $425,000. 

Besides, when it comes to the strategic spot, you need to have at least half a million to ensure that everything is set and go. 

On the other side, for a ghost kitchen. You only have to prepare for $20,000. What a giant distinction, let me tell you that. Besides, in the time of many people prefer to stay at home due to the pandemic, delivery system culinary business is a great business.  

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