Games to Play with Friends Online 

Are you thinking of inviting your friends to an epic battle at the comfort of your home? You can play online games and battle out for supremacy with your friends and close acquaintances, what is interesting is that you can play these games virtually, and even when you are in different parts of the world, you can still enjoy yourselves and have endless fun.

Here, we have put together a great list of free online games that you can find easy to play with your friends over video calls. You can host a great party and have fun with your friends.

1. Politics & War

When you want to conquer the world through the economy, war, and diplomacy, Politics and War is the game that you should try. This browser-based game is free to play and it entails creating your nation and ruling it. To be successful here, you will have to make some grueling decisions that will help put you in charge. Play this Politics & War game with your friends and choose to wage war or collaborate for your mutual prosperity.

2. Gartic Phone

This is an amazing online game that you can play with your loved ones. You might be familiar with the Chinese Whispers or the Telephony Game, which are popular children’s party games that many of us played while we were still young. The Gartic Phone game has got its inspiration from these kid games. The designers have made sure that the classic game has a modern digital look which you can surely enjoy.

3. Among Us

This is a game that has become a favorite for the vast majority who want to play with their friends. This game was released about three years ago but has become popular with young and middle-aged players during the pandemic. It’s a great game that is not to be played face to face. Fortunately, this game is available for free and it can be played by up to 10 friends at the same time. While you can play this game while in the same location, it’s also possible when you are located in dispersed locations. As the game starts, any of the players will take the role of an innocent crewmate or a dangerous imposter, and your goal should be to kill off the crewmates or stay alive. This is a game that will get you questioning who your real friends are as you could witness several incidences of backstabbings. Rummy is a interesting game and it is available as a free rummy download on the app store or play store, so you can download and have a blast with your friends.

4. Skribbl

When you have always desired to unleash the inner Picasso that is in you, this free multiplayer drawing game will make the best choice for you. It’s a game for those who want to put their artistic skills to good use. Here, if your drawing is terrible, you should prepare to make your fellow players suffer. This game provides a perfect reminder about the good old days when you used to draw freehand with your friends.

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