Gamedec review. Disco Cyberpunk Smoker?

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The success of Disco Elysium showed that gamers, even today, are willing to spend money and time on games in which reading is at the heart of gameplay. Provided that the text envelops you like a soft blanket in a cold winter, allowing you to plunge headlong into the virtual world and forget about time. Gamedec makes you think about fast clicks of dialogues, and this is a serious problem and you can learn more from F95Zone.

Gamedec is based on a series of novels by a popular science fiction writer in Poland. Before Klein with his “first player to prepare” in 2004 Marcin Pshibylek invented a future world in which the boundaries between the real and virtual erased so that people took play detectives. Now the police are scratching their heads and wondering whether to start a case on theft of tanks in World of Tanks . And the Warsaw of the 22nd century is entrusted to observe law and order by game decks investigating video game crimes. For one of these and have to play.

The world has changed, but the job of a detective is still built around the study of evidence, deduction and conversation. You will have to communicate a lot in Gamedec , because there is practically nothing else to do in it. Mini-games promise quite a bit, and there will be no combat system at all. The developers see the game as a classic RPG that focuses on character development through decision making. The press version does not allow us to verify the promises of the authors, because even the piece of Gamedec available for passing has not been completed to the end. The phrase “not available in demo” meets with enviable consistency in the code, dialogues and choice of actions. Not to say that this is a big hindrance, but it does give some thought. For example, will the authors have time to bring the game to mind before the release planned in September, or will it be postponed?

Investigations are at the heart of Gamedec’s gameplay and storyline . In the demo, we are offered to solve the case of the death of a celebrity. Police say a police drone mistook him for a street pest and accidentally shot him down. Locals believe that he committed suicide. The game deck may assume that the guy got high and crashed when he flew around the city on his wings. There are many options – the player’s task is to find evidence, talk with all available characters, compare the maximum number of facts and hypotheses, and then make the final verdict in the palaces of mind. For example, you might think: “but who knows how the poor fellow died,” and the game will continue anyway. Nuance demo Gamedecis that decisions made at an accessible location lead to a different path towards achieving only one goal. There is only one fork in the demo – at some point you can agree to go home to analyze the report. Otherwise, the player will be attacked, and he will receive another half hour-hour of gameplay in the bar. Does this mean that this location will be inaccessible to those who went home? One can only guess.

On paper, Gamedec looks attractive, as Kickstarter users agreed, helping the developers raise three times the amount requested. Cyberpunk setting, nice graphics, and most importantly, the ability to create your own unique detective with characteristics, traits, abilities and a past. The branch of professions includes 30 names, and the dialogue system allows you to play a good or bad cop like Best grenade spots dust 2. But Gamedec , despite the abundance of neon signs and flashy holograms, seems very drab, especially when compared to Disco Elysium – another classic RPG game without a combat system, but with an artistic flair. In it, it was impossible to tear yourself away from the text, because each line brought characters to life and added color to the world of the game. Gamedec written in too simple language. The heroes are not remembered and do not evoke emotions, although the stories they tell, in theory, should touch the soul. What is the episode about an officer whose husband became disabled due to the doctor’s wrong diagnosis? The gamedeck can find out that the doctor himself is terminally ill, and pass this information on to the military, who will absolve the doctor of all sins. But after that they will not have a joint dialogue, and it is impossible to tell the doctor about the “pardon” in principle.


The Anshar Studios project has the potential to become a smart RPG and delight fans of the genre. She already looks very attractive graphically and offers interesting role-playing concepts. For example, some unique interactions are only available at a specific point in time like difficult person test. For example, a player can intervene in a dispute between two heroes, regardless of his actions, and get some benefit from this. You can keep track of the demo and a hint of major plot forks. But the variability of Gamedec is still in question. It is unknown if the player will be given enough freedom to play out Frank Drebin from Naked Pistol , relying only on luck. Will the game close some cases for him, or will it just show him a bad ending?