Oz Lotto has been delivering great Aussie fun every Tuesday for over 23 years. This lotto has a $2 million minimum Division 1 bonus pool. Since there are no Division 1 champions, the next draw will be for the bonus pool jackpots. To date, Oz Lotto’s biggest jackpot has been a whopping $100 million!

Nine balls are randomly drawn from forty-five balls numbered 1 to 45. The “winning numbers” are the seven numbers drawn first, and the last two numbers are the “supplementary numbers”.

How to play?

There are plenty of ways of playing Oz Lotto. A player needs to pick seven numbers (from 1 to 45) on each game panel to play a regular entry.

1. Standard Entries

A player can choose between can have a QuickPick or a Specified entry to play.

The best way to play is to select how many games one wants to play, and the numbers are created randomly for them. This method is called a QuickPick. A Marked Entry helps a player play the numbers that are important to them. They can pick how many games they would like to play as well.

2. Entries By System

Entries from System and Pick entries to give players more opportunities to win, plus the chance to win through multiple award categories.

A System entry provides the choice of playing more than the regular 7 numbers in Oz Lotto. They can pick from 8 to 20 numbers, plus the opportunity to win through various award categories, giving players more chances to win.

A Pick entry guarantees players either 1 or 2 winning numbers. Getting 1 or 2 winning numbers offers them more opportunities to win, plus the chance to win multiple reward categories.

3. Advance entries

Players will pick the draws and the number of weeks they would like to play after choosing their Oz Lotto form of entry. If they plan a holiday or do not have time to purchase an online or in-store ticket, they can prepare ahead and arrange an entrance for an Advance, Multi-week, or Subscription set-up entry.

An Advance entry or registration allows one to play their favourite game in a potential draw up to 10 weeks in advance.

A multi-week entry allows players to play through several draws for their entry. They can opt to play up to ten consecutive draws for the Lotto.

A Subscription entry allows players to reach either draw or at a certain Oz Lotto jackpot level randomly, which is a perfect way to ensure that they never miss out on it.

Syndicates from Oz Lotto

A party of players working together to maximize their chance of winning is An Oz Lotto Syndicate. One can pool their money with a group of players to purchase a larger entry, which may give them more chances to win. The prizes are split among all syndicate members if the syndicate wins!

Winning an Oz Lotto?

The player has to match 7 numbers with the seven winning numbers in the same game panel to win Division 1. However, with as little as 3 winning numbers and 1 additional number in a single game, they can win a prize.

Lotto can be a fun game to relax and enjoy. The benefits also outweigh the cost of a ticket.

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