Frequently asked questions about police checks

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There are various reasons why you might be required to obtain a national police check while in Australia. The main common purpose is due to the screening for pre-employment to enable the employer to objectively access the risk that is posed by the individuals, ensuring that there is safe environment for what are considered to be the special needs or vulnerable populations such as the aged, the children and persons with disabilities.

The following are some of the commonly asked questions by those applying for the police check online:

What is the fastest way of getting the police check?

While in some cases it might take up to a period of 3 weeks for a police check though the local police station or AFP to come out, one of the easiest and fastest way to ensure that you obtain the police check on time is by submitting via the national crime check. It is possible to have your report to be emailed to you directly. The form for police check online normally takes about 5 minutes through the crime check. All you have to do is to follow the prompts. 

Once it is processed, you can be able to have your police check to be electronically emailed to you within 24 hours to about 48 hours or a hard copy can be delivered through the post office or you can have them both. 

Is it possible for the police check to take more than 2 working days?

While a majority of the police checks which happen through the national crime check come back within one or two business days, there are certain situations where they take longer for you to get it. The reasons behind that could be that:

  • You have been charged or in court with a certain offense which include the traffic offences and thus, the database will flag out your application. The background checking service has to be done for verification purposes and then it takes about 10 days to 15 working days for the police check information to be retrieved.
  • If there is a common sir name like Jones, Smith, Williams or if you happen to be moving around quite often and have been on various addresses. It is something which can cause the police check to be delayed a bit up to 15 working days as the background check is current out to verify and investigate your information. 

In the above scenarios, the police background check services have to go through an investigating process before the information can be released. It is a process which cannot be escalated, followed up, or interfered with until after 12 working days have passed. And it is beyond any agency who are checking for you.

The automatic follow up by the national crime check on the police checks

The national crime check recommends monitoring of all the daily checks and it will escalate any follow up automatically up at the 12 working day mark on your behalf with the agency that is checking your police check.