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If you are looking to get into freelance writing, one niche that deserves consideration is online gambling. Why is that? Well, the interactive gaming sector is booming, with recent projections putting this sphere’s global market on track to hit a size of $158 billion by 2028. Interest in playing games of chance over the internet is higher than ever, and so is the need for content that provides accurate information regarding this industry.

A massive issue that gambling operators face is government-imposed restrictions that do not allow them to advertise their platforms in the same way as other businesses. Such limitations stem from fears of a potential increase in gambling addiction rates. Therefore, operators have to rely on third-party sites to send players to their platforms. In exchange, they supply these affiliates with generous commissions. For the latter to be able to convince online casino enthusiasts to sign-up with a given site, they require quality SEO content.

Expertise Needed & Type of Content

Online casinos feature two simple elements, money and games. To write for this niche, you will have to get familiar with how casino-style gaming products work and get educated on the intricacies involved in online money transfers.

The most popular game genre in the casino industry is slots. These used to be simple-to-play products that only featured three reels and three rows. However, things have now drastically changed. Modern reel-spinners incorporate novel gameplay mechanisms that take some time to grasp. Furthermore, this genre is continuously evolving, so those interested in writing about it Have to stay up-to-date with which provider is working on what.

Table games at online casinos come in the software and a live dealer format. You have likely heard of roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Most of the content that focuses on these revolves around their odds and rules.

As mentioned, knowledge of digital transaction methods is a must. Payment procedures at gambling sites are a crucial aspect of the online casino experience. A lot of the content that interactive gaming info hubs post informs users how to remove funds from their balance, the best methods available, and how they can make this process as hassle-free as possible.

Naturally, some industry knowledge is necessary. On the link is an example of static content for a legit online casinos reviews page. It covers some of the elements discussed above.

The Importance of SEO & Mobile-Friendly Content

Unfortunately, when it comes to the online gambling niche, how well you write is less important than knowing how to incorporate proper keywords in your articles. That is so because most online casino content gets discovered via Google searches. Thus, every text that sites that promote this industry feature have to be SEO perfect. Meaning, you will have to do keyword research before writing an article. You will then have to implement those keywords in your work, paying attention not to place them too close together.

In the last three years, mobile traffic overtook the desktop one. Moreover, most online gamblers fall into the 20 to 39 age range. More young people than ever are getting into this pastime, thanks to the rise of skill-based games and blockchain technology. Since it is a given that most online casino patrons use their smartphones when partaking in digital betting, sites that promote this industry must feature mobile-friendly content. That entails short sentences and paragraphs. Text that is easy to read. Google also has mobile-first indexing, which further cements the urgency for mobile-friendly content.

Content Volume

Studies have shown that longer content produces higher Google search rankings. A 2020 SerpIQ study showed that Google prefers content-rich sites. Interactive gaming info hubs know this, and they aim to feature guides that are over 2,000 words long. Google knows that users want everything in one place, which is why it prioritizes longer content. That said, online casino writing does not only involve you churning out the best of articles and gambling guides. Writing blog/guest posts is also part of the equation.

The more content a site has, the better its odds are to get discovered via Google searches. That is why the need for constant blog articles is a must. The same goes for guest posts, which aim to improve a site’s search ranking.

If you get involved in this sector, working for a decent level affiliate who runs multiple gaming info sites, expect a steady work stream of at least 3-4 articles per day.

Final Thought

The online gambling industry is thriving. So, this is an ideal time to form relationships with affiliate gaming marketers. It may take you a few months to pick up all the ins and outs of this sphere. Yet, once you do, you should be off to the races, as most online casino content is super similar. With a year of experience under your belt, the most massive problem will be not getting tired of continuously writing the same thing over and over again.

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Shelly Schiff has been working in the gambling industry since 2009, mainly on the digital side of things, employed by However, over her eleven-year career, Shelly has provided content for many other top interactive gaming websites. She knows all there is to know about slots and has in-depth knowledge of the most popular table games. Her golden retriever Garry occupies most of her leisure time. Though, when she can, she loves reading Jim Thompson-like crime novels.