Free Ecommerce Icons to Help You sell More

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What separates a great designer from the rest?

It’s easy to think that designers get the most out of their job when they can use their creativity to create breathtaking work. But for many, it’s about the impact they can have on customers.

We’ve seen it time and time again

A client knows that a single icon is going to have a huge impact on their customers’ interactions with their website. It’s a single, small thing, but to a designer, it’s everything.

That’s why it’s important to grab every opportunity you get to enhance your customers’ experience with your work. This is your opportunity to showcase your creativity and connect with your audience.

This is how you can design icons that will help you sell more products and boost conversion rates.

1. Find Free Ecommerce Icons

Check out this e-commerce icons page to download free static and animated icons that are already designed to help you sell more products.

Many designers have created icons based on proven sales behavior. When someone searches for a particular product, the next step is to find a logo that communicates the attributes of the product well.

Those iconic logos will be displayed on the main page of your website, right next to the search bar.

Once a person finds an icon that accurately communicates what the product is, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase.

If you are looking to improve your conversion rate, you can do this with icons that incorporate key attributes like price, quantity, size, color, and brand.

Or, if you’re looking to be more unique and stand out from the competition, you can create icons based on personality or styles. For example, you could create an icon that embodies the best aspects of your brand.

This will not only help you sell more products, but also help you make a lasting impression with your customers.

2. Create Animated Icons

Not all products are available in static icons or static ads. This is why animated icons are so effective.

With animated icons, you can design a unique icon that doesn’t exist. While some people like static and static ads, the majority of people prefer to see and interact with the product through a dynamic image.

Plus, you can get creative with animated icons. This will only further your reach to the customers.

With so many different ways to add an animation, you’re able to add a variety of looks to your business.

While you’re creating your custom icons, you can take advantage of the creativity you’ve just unlocked. This will help you to sell more products.

There are a few ways to create your own animated icon. You can search for SVG images on Google or create your own using a design software.

3. Create a Mobile App

It’s a fact that 70% of mobile customers who see an ad on a website will convert. This statistic is enough to motivate any designer to design an app that will drive conversion.

When it comes to creating a mobile app, you need to focus on one main purpose. Don’t create a digital version of a physical product or try to build a huge ecommerce website.

That approach will only result in multiple errors and confusion for customers. Instead, it’s best to stick to the one, true purpose that will drive people to purchase. This way, you can create your mobile app in a clean and simple way.

4. Create an Amazing Return-on-Investment Tool

Business owners have the same goal every single day. To get more sales.

That’s why it’s important to design a business tool that enables you to increase sales. And the way to do this is to understand how users spend their time on your website.

This is where click-to-call comes in.

Simply call a local business or customer service line and ask for the relevant information. All they need to do is provide you with their number and you’ll get connected. This is a cost-effective way to get immediate information from your customers.


While you’re creating icons, consider the following tips:

  • Create icons based on proven sales behavior.
  • Incorporate unique features that resonate with the customer.
  • Create an animation that will further your reach to the customers.
  • While you’re creating your mobile app, use click-to-call to get the customer information you need.

What are your favorite strategies to design better icons? Let us know in the comments section below.