Fracture Bone Care and Treatment

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A fracture is a bone crack or break and can occur in any part of your bodies’ bones. You can easily fracture your bone during your daily activities. A bone fracture can occur lengthwise, in some places, crosswise, or into small fractions. Your bone fractures upon impact with greater pressure than it can handle. Your bone can undergo complete or partial fracture.

Most bone fractures can be cared for and treated by fracture care specialists in Las Vegas, ensuring a successful recovery.

Causes of Fracture

Fractures are mainly caused by excessive pressure application, more than your bone can handle. However, there are other fracture causes including:

  •       Overuse, tiring your muscles, and leaving your bone to handle more force.
  •       Osteoporosis, a condition that weakens the bones making them more susceptible to fracture.
  •       Trauma resulting from an accident or a fall may result in a fracture.

Types of Bone Fracture

There are different types of bone fractures which include:

  •       Spiral Fracture- Just as the name suggests, the fracture spirals the bone and usually occurs in long-body bones such as the leg or arms.
  •     Transverse fracture- Which is normally straight across a bone and results from traumatic events.
  •     Greenstick fracture- Usually in children where bones break in two without separating.
  •       Stress fracture- That results from repetitive motions that resemble a crack.
  •       Compression fracture– Where bones are crushed taking a flat, wider appearance, occurs in the spine, osteoporosis being the leading cause of this type of fracture.
  •     Oblique fracture- Where the bone break is diagonal to the bone.
  •       Impacted fracture- That occurs while driving broken bones together.
  •       Segmental fracture- Where one bone breaks twice leaving a segment floating in-between.
  •     Avulsion fracture- Where a ligament or tendon pulls off a fragment from the bone.
  •       Comminuted fracture- Where the bone breaks into three or more pieces.

Signs of Fracture

It is easy to tell when you have a complete bone fracture, however, in case of a thin bone crack, that is not painfully alarming the following signs will show:

  •       Over bone bruising or swelling.
  •       Arm or leg deformity.
  •       The fracture regions feel painful when subjected to pressure or when it is moved.
  •       Action loss on the fractured region.
  •       The fractured area loses the ability to bear weight.
  •       If the fracture is open, a bone may protrude from the skin.

Fracture Prevention Measures

Several steps are taken in the efforts to protect fragile bones from breaking. These steps include:

  •       A lot of Vitamin D and calcium consumption for bone strengthening.
  •       Frequent and regular exercises.
  •       Undertaking an occasional mineral density test.
  •       Taking prescribed anti-bone loss and fracture risk reduction medication.

Apart from the measure taken to strengthen the bones, other indoor precautions can be observed to minimize the risk of falls. Some of these precautions include:

  •       Freeing all rooms of clutter.
  •       Ensuring the surfaces are dry.
  •       Keeping electrical cables from the walkways.

Fracture care

Once you have a bone fracture, it is important to properly care for it for a successful recovery. You should take the below steps in case of bone fracture:

  •       By using a sterile bandage, apply pressure on the wound to stop bleeding.
  •       Immobilization of injured parts.
  •       Use ice packs for swellings.
  •       Shock treatment.

Fracture Treatment

Several treatment approaches can be taken to treat the fracture, they include:

  •       Pain relief.
  •       Plates or metal rods that are surgically inserted.
  •       Traction.
  •       Plaster cast.
  •       Brace.
  •       Splints.

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