Foods You Need to Try in New Orleans

Must Read

Are you planning to visit New Orleans or perhaps recently purchased one of the beautiful New Orleans houses for sale? While experiencing New Orleans by taking in the unique scenery and atmosphere, there’s also a few food options you must try.


A Cajun- and Creole-inspired dish that contains chicken, fowl, sausage, seafood, okra, green peppers, onions, and celery. It is typically served with rice or on top of it and is similar to a hearty gravy. You will find many versions of gumbo throughout New Orleans and you’ll want to try a little bit everywhere you go once you take your first bite.


Frequently confused with gumbo, jambalaya’s difference lies with its tomato-based casserole, in addition to being cooked with rice, making it thicker than the traditional gumbo. You’ll want to try gumbo and jambalaya to truly understand the difference between the two. Just like gumbo, you can find jambalaya in almost every restaurant in New Orleans.

Po Boys

Ranging from meat-based or seafood, poboys are the hoagies of New Orleans. Commonly seen with deep-fried shrimp or oysters or a meat such as roast beef topped with gravy. Either way, your best bet is to try one of each type to explore the difference between the variations. When ordering, you may be asked if you want it “dressed,” which is just another way to say you want all of the fixings such as lettuce and mayo.


As expected, due to Louisiana being famous for their crawfish. From late winter to June, crawfish season thrives. Served in numerous dishes and in many ways, the arguably best way is in a huge pot of spicy juices with new potatoes, sausage, mushrooms, and corn on the cob for a traditional crawfish boil. 


You’re probably beginning to notice a trend of seafood being notably popular in New Orleans. Being right off the Gulf, it’s for good reason. With numerous variations such as raw, grilled, charbroiled, and list goes on, oyster bars are plentiful in New Orleans. A favorite oyster dish consists of garlic, butter, and herbs spread generously onto a fresh oyster, topped with Parmesan and Romano cheese, and grilled to perfection can be found at Drago’s.


A perfectly fried dough ball with a warm, soft center and covered with powdered sugar is well-known around New Orleans. Cafe du Monde located in the French Market is the most popular spot to find these pastries. There will most likely be a line to get your hands on some beignets but it is most definitely worth the short wait.

As you begin to explore New Orleans cuisine and culture, you will find many more delectable food options. With the main focus on seafood and French-inspired tastings, these are certainly not the only well-known dishes in the area as you will come to learn as you taste your way around New Orleans.