Follow This Easy Bathroom Renovation Checklist

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Are you tired of looking at the same old uninspiring bathroom every day? Has renovating your bathroom crossed your mind, but you set the thought aside because you thought it would be too much of a hassle?

Lots of people have been where you are and they found out that renovating isn’t as hard as you might think. It is particularly simple when you hire a Newcastle plumbing expert and an experienced renovator to handle the project.

Take a look at this easy bathroom renovation checklist to get an idea of what to expect.

1. Plan It

Let yourself get creative for a moment and plan the bathroom of your dreams. If money were no object, what type of bathroom would you like?

To reconcile your dream bathroom with your budget, choose one or two luxury elements to elevate the look of your space. You can also choose look-alike items that are less expensive such as tiles made to look like marble instead of actual slabs of marble.

2. Hire a Contractor

Your contractor in Adelaide is probably the most important piece of the renovation puzzle. A good contractor will make sure that your renovation goes quickly and smoothly.

3. Demolish It

To begin, any elements from your old bathroom that will be replaced need to be removed. If you’ll be making structural changes (such as enlarging the space or moving walls), you’ll need to tear out the plasterboard.

4. Plumbing and Electrical Rough-In

With the walls open, now is a great time for the plumber and electrician to go to work. They’ll install any piping or wiring needed for the new fixtures as well as replace any old or damaged portions.

5. Close Up the Walls and Waterproof

The plasterboard goes up now to close up the walls. Once things are closed up, your contractor will be waterproofing in preparation for the finished project. Because of the moisture in bathrooms, waterproofing is critical to avoid mould problems.

6. Lay Tile Screed and Tile

Tile is a hugely popular material in bathrooms. It comes in nearly every colour and tons of different styles. Plus, it doesn’t mould or break easily and it is very easy to clean.

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7. Install Cabinets

Cabinets will go in at this point. You can buy brand-new ones or refinish your old ones if they are still in good shape. If you buy new ones, it is important to choose quality materials that have been made water-resistant.

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8. Install Fixtures

Your new plumbing and electrical fixtures go in next. This is where things start to get really exciting. Now your vision is becoming reality and you’re almost ready to use your new bathroom for the first time!

9. Silicone and Waterproof

The last step is to silicone all the joints and waterproof the entire bathroom. This will help keep mould at bay and ensure your bathroom lasts for years!

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