Fino Trend Guide: How to Trade and Double Your Profit

Although there is no limit on how many accounts you can have on various online brokerage platforms, it makes perfect sense to have one unified account. Fino Trend offers to collect all your assets in one place and manage your trading using its tools. There is no limit as to what tools you can apply. The site handles many asset types and each one has a set of features designed specifically for them. If you want to trade metals, you will see analytics and market research on gold, silver, or any other precious metal you own. Since the site deals with many international markets, it requires a secure protection system. Besides having a robust platform, it verifies all users to avoid any misunderstandings.

Getting Started

To start the actual trading, you need to create an account and register. Only registered users have access to all the toolsets. Without registration, you can check out the site’s description of services. You can read about the company, assets, and documents needed for verification. In order to become a member of the site, you need to provide either a scan of your document that proves your identity and residence. It can be even a bill but from not more than three months ago. After you submit all the documents and registration forms, you need to wait for approval. As soon as you get your confirmation letter, you are free to load the money. You can have the following types of accounts with Fino Trend:

  • Demo
  • Real
  • Islamic

Regardless of the account type, the documents are needed. Islamic account works according to a different set of rules because of Sharia law. It is designed for Muslim traders. Many tools on the site are developed specifically for customer’s needs. You can set the alerts, notifications, and other settings according to your style of trading. If you need to have some charts in the visible place or infographics, you are free to arrange the interface as you like.

Get more with Fino Trend

With Fino Trend you get to not only trade what you already have. You can also get more using the perks that this platform offers. It has the following bonuses:

  • Referral program. It offers some bonuses for bringing more people to the site. You can share it with friends on social networks and whoever gets registered via the link you shared, will be considered your referral.
  • Partnership. If you want to become a part of subject-matter financial experts on the site, you can apply and earn more. Along with trading, you can provide guidance and support to beginners on the site.


Fino Trend was designed to help people mitigate the risks of trading. Regardless of the asset you want to work with, there is always a way to save on costs. This platform offers affordable and at the same time excellent brokerage services. It can be accessed from any place on the planet, and from any device you like.

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