Finding the best cake in Singapore

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Delicious cakes are widely used for celebrating different occasions especially birthdays. Cutting a cake is part of almost every birthday celebration in Singapore. Baking a cake at home is time consuming since the ingredients have to be collected and combined in the right ratio. Also there is no guarantee that the cake will be delicious, since mistakes can alter the taste. Hence most people prefer to purchase a cake from a bakery or specialized cake store. There are a large number of bakeries who are selling different types of cakes, and some tips for finding the best cake in Singapore are listed below.


People like eating cakes because they are soft, delicious, and sweet with a distinct flavor. It is advisable to check the reviews of the cakes available before placing an order for the cake online. Alternatively, before purchasing the cake, the buyer can visit the cake shop where the cake is being sold. Usually the staff at the cake shop will offer a sample of the different kinds of cake available to check the taste, sweetness. Since the cakes will become stale after a few days, the cake should be purchased from a cake shop which is baking fresh cakes every day.


Another important criteria in selecting the right cake is the ingredients in the cake. Since high levels of sugar can lead to weight gain, diabetes and other health problems, many cake buyers, especially older persons are interested in purchasing cakes which are less sweet, with low sugar content. Usually cakes have a creamy layer, with a high sugar content. So realizing that many people do not wish to consume more sugar in cakes, some of the most reputed cake shops are selling cakes without any cream. These cakes usually only have chocolate and are less sweet.

Some people in Singapore have allergies and cannot eat certain ingredients without an allergic reaction. In other cases, some people do not eat egg due to religious reasons. So it is advisable to purchase cakes from a cake shop which clearly specifies the ingredients of the cake. The cake shop will usually specify whether the cake has gluten/flour, dairy, egg, soy, nuts and alcohol. Additionally depending on the specific type of cake it will have additional ingredients,for example the banana chocolate cake will have bananas while the rum and cherry cake, includes cherry, rum.

Size, price and other features

Another consideration while purchasing a cake is the price of the cake. Usually a basic chocolate cake without cream is the cheapest cake in some cake shops, since less sugar is used. Depending on the ingredients which are added,and effort required for preparation, the price of the cake will vary. Typically a cake which is six inches in size will be sufficient for 6-8 people, while an eight inches cake will suffice for 16 persons. Larger cakes are priced higher since more ingredients are required and weigh more. The cake should be refrigerated for storage. They should be consumed within two days of being ordered or the cake may get spoiled, lose its flavor.