Filing a Zantac Lawsuit-Everything You Need to Know

A Zantac lawsuit refers to a legal claim seeking compensation for developing health complications after taking Zantac- a heartburn medication that’s believed to contain NDMA carcinogen. This medication causes cancer in humans and animals. If you were diagnosed with cancer or health challenges after using the medication, you have at least 12 months to file a Zantac lawsuit against the manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Before you decide to file a Zantac lawsuit, there are many factors that you should consider first. You need to know if you have a case or not and your chances of winning the said case. If there’s no evidence supporting your claim against GSK, filing a Zantac lawsuit might not be the best decision. Your lawyer would know for sure.

You first need to know if your claim can support a Zantac lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline. Here are some possible grounds:

Zantac and acetaminophen were linked to severe liver damage and deaths of numerous consumers in Europe and Asia for decades, and GSK tried to cover it up.

The company was known for grossly exaggerating the safety and effectiveness of Zantac and promoting its use on under-12 children despite lacking studies on safety and efficacy. In fact, some of those clinical trials done by GSK were found to be fabricated or falsified.

In 2012, Zantac was banned in Japan after revealed to increase the risk of leukemia and lymphoma. Although most cases were attributed to persons who took the drug for a long time, there were reports of side effects within just eight weeks.

Zantac caused me to develop cancer- this is one Zantac lawsuit claim that can be sustainable because it doesn’t require long-term use of the medication to develop complications. Some individuals were diagnosed with liver and kidney damage or cancer after just a few doses, while some took Zantac for years before anything unusual happened.

Process of Filing a  Zantac Lawsuit

Filing Zantac lawsuit claim can be made by following these steps:

Seek legal counsel. Legal counsel will assess your case and advise you whether you should proceed with the filing process or not. If you feel uncomfortable about hiring an attorney, take note that there are other law firms specializing in Zantac cases where you can file without lawyers’ help.

Submit your claim. Your lawyer will do this on your behalf after you’ve signed the necessary documents. Zantac lawsuit claims must follow certain guidelines. So, it’s important that you comply with them and provide relevant documents that can strengthen or prove your case.

Attend mediation hearing (if required). If both parties fail to reach an agreement through negotiation, they can proceed with the hearing before a magistrate. This is where you must prove that Zantac caused your health complications, and it’s not just an issue of probabilities alone.

Receive compensation for damages. The amount will depend on the judge’s discretion after both parties have presented their evidence through claims or hearings. If you win the case, you’ll receive the amount decided by the court.

If you were diagnosed with cancer following Zantac’s use, it’s imperative that you file your claim as soon as possible because of your limited time frame (12 months). You can’t recover or undo any damages if you waste this chance to file a Zantac lawsuit.

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