File For Your Bankruptcy Online In 4 Simple Steps.

Living in a world in which the internet is dominant and has made a great impact in the life of people makes living easier than the times when there was no internet.

The advent of the internet makes it possible to do many things online these days, from buying cars to the ordering of pizza to filling your tax returns, and one can even declare bankruptcy.

Like what most people would ask, “do you think it is possible to file for bankruptcy online?”. Check here to file bankruptcy online now.

Yes, very possible, you can file for bankruptcy online without anybody’s assistance. All by yourself you can go through the paperwork and the court process.

Mind you, it’s very tricky and you must be very careful as the filer.

However, it is better and recommended to have a person with a legal background advising you since the whole process is somehow cunning and is more than the signing of documents on “Hellosign”.

And the mere fact that you can file your bankruptcy online does not mean you will plead your case with the creditor in front of the judge on an online platform.

The two major forms of bankruptcy that can be filed online are, Chapter seven and Chapter thirteen bankruptcy, in which Chapter seven is also known as liquidation bankruptcy, while Chapter thirteen is known as wage earners plan.

Check out these 4 steps on how to file for online bankruptcy

First of all, you need to make sure you’re eligible and meet the criteria needed before you can file for one of the two major forms of bankruptcy, tho it is highly recommended to do research, to enhance your knowledge on the kind of bankruptcy form you are eligible for.

For example, before you can be considered and eligible for  Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the United States, your secured debt must be less than $1,184,200, and your unsecured must be less than $394,725.

Secondly, you need to take the Means Test. This Means Test is a means of measuring an individual’s expenses, household and earnings, to know or determine if they can afford their debts.

It is a form that is used to your mean or average monthly income with the median income of related homes in your state. You’re automatically entitled to file a bankruptcy if your income is under that average

Thirdly, it’s a must that you must enrol in “bankruptcy credit counselling” within six months, before applying for bankruptcy, because the certificate must be tender before the court and this will allow you to file bankruptcy.

Lastly, you are expected to fill out the bankruptcy form, and these forms are available on the United States Court website

After filling the bankruptcy forms, you’re now eligible to file a petition to schedule your case in the court, and this will stop your creditors from taking any kind of action against you.

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