Feel The Luxury with These 4 Timeless Analog Watches for Men

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It is interesting that a device that you use to tell time is one of the most timeless devices that you can get in the world. Analog watches for men have been around for a few centuries, but they remain one of the best-selling and most sought-after men’s fashion accessories.

Premium analog watches for men are highly collectible. They last a lifetime, making them immensely popular among men. If you want to buy timeless analog watches for men, let us look at four timeless pieces that you can flaunt on every occasion.

The Rugged Athleisure

One of the best analog watches for men, this piece features nylon straps and has glow-in-the-dark watch hands. These features are very practical and are there for a reason. As the name suggests, field watches are meant for the outdoors. These watches were developed during the war, and every aspect of these watches was specifically made for them to be used during battle and war. The nylon strap makes these analog watches for men exceptionally durable, and even in case of wear and tear, nylon straps can easily be replaced. The glow in the dark hands allows you to see the time even in complete darkness.

The Rough & Tough Workwear

When it comes to wearing a watch that can add depth and class to your look, the leather strap variant of the workwear series of analog watches for men is an excellent choice. This model comes with comfortable leather straps that are handmade from the finest material. These straps are exceptionally durable and can resist water up to a certain extent. The watch itself is made from stainless steel and is rustproof for an exceedingly long time. This timepiece can be a part of your family for a long time if you maintain it well.

The Earthy Connected X

The Connected X brings together the best of old analog watches for men with all the features from the new-age smartwatches that are popular nowadays. This watch has analogue watch hands with all the other functionalities that you would come to know from a smartwatch. You can control your phone’s music using this watch. It comes with an active heartbeat monitor and changeable watch faces that let you change the appearance of the watch.

The Regalia Opulent

The class sophistication and craftsmanship are displayed in their full glory in the Regalia Opulent range. This range of analog watches for men features premium watches that are exquisitely crafted from the best materials available with handcrafted genius. In terms of the features of this watch, it has luminous dials, hands, and indices that can help you see time in the dark. The multi-layered dial of this watch is also exceptionally beautiful and shows the day along with the time. Overall, the durability and build quality of this piece are exceptional as this watch is truly a timeless timepiece.

Handling Luxury Watches

When you buy premium analog watches for men, you would want to protect and maintain them so that they can properly serve you for generations in your family. Some general guidelines to follow for maintaining your premium watches include cleaning them regularly, servicing them when required, keeping them away from magnets, storing them safely in original packaging when not in use, understanding the water-resistance capabilities of your watch, and keeping your watch away from chemicals. Following these guidelines and buying them from trusted brands such as Titan will help you maintain your luxury watches for a long time, so you can pass them down to your next generation.