Facts about 3 Blade Chaff Cutters in Kenya

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This article is a brief description of the general characteristics of the chaff cutter. It will take through the specifications of this machine. This will differentiate it from the other chaff cutters in Kenya. Take a look on the discussion.

Nutrition is a very important aspect in the animal husbandry. It is important that in order for any animal to produce greatly, their food should be healthy and of good texture for easy chewing. Cutting the food into small pieces is very key the overall digestion of the  food. That is why this chaff cutter is very important. You might receive it either assembled or you might need to assemble it yourself.

This chaff cutter was first discovered in Kenya on 11th February, 2020. The 3 blade chaff cutter price in Kenya ranges from 30- 35 thousands Kenya shillings. The 3 chaff cutter in Kenya has these characteristics which make it distinct from the rest of the chaff cutters.


The product is electric or can use petrol for its operate. Other than having three blades, it has 7.5 HP and 380V, the blade is made up of carbon steel. The body material is Cast Iron which is durable, long lasting ,requires low maintenance and cuts  the fooder very uniformly.

Advantage of using the 3 blade chaff cutter

. It helps to improve the digestion of cattle and this ensures that great production is met.

. The uniform cutting helps in easy chewing of cattle’s food hence good digestion.

. Anyone can buy the product since the machine since the prices of chaff cutters in Kenya are very friendly for an average farmer.

. The guidance manual is very clear and precise therefore one cannot strain when using the guide.


Being a new product in the market, the product is not well known by many. Therefore, purchase power is very low.

. There is very less review on the item. This can give customers a negative view on quality of the item.

Operator competency

For anyone operating the machine, age is very crucial and the required age is for anyone who is past sixteen years. It is good to ensure that the person operating the machine is familiar with the operating system, procedure of machinery, how to identify hazards and the steps required to avoid injury while handling the machine. A good thumbs up is to wear safety boots when operating these machines. Prices of chaff cutters in Kenya may vary depending on the quality and the seller.


To sum it up, the operating machine discussed above is a must have for any farmer wanting good produce. It is almost a new product in market and it is true that anything new is of quality since some modifications has been made on it. The machine is very effective and efficient since a manual has been attached and this ensures that you will not be at a fix in case of a question on this use. For more