Factors Affecting the Frequent Car Battery Discharge

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The car’s battery has run out? What can be the reason? Here we will discuss some of the major causes of battery discharge and how to avoid it.

Car battery discharge can transpire due to three main reasons:

  1. Discharge due to some malfunction in the car battery, i.e. self-discharge of the battery.
  2. Battery discharge due to faulty car wiring or leakage current.
  3. The battery is unable to charge itself, and signs are the same as of self-discharge

Now, let’s discuss these reasons in detail:

1. Self-discharge of the battery

Self-discharge of a car battery can occur due to multiple reasons- consider them in more detail.

  • Leakage of current through the separator plates due to the germination with sulphides like insoluble salts or battery aging.
  • self-discharge due to the crumbling plates
  • Discharge due to the faulty filler plugs while acid reaches the battery surface. It usually occurs when one or more cans boil and the electrolyte spills out. Also, an acid splash can happen when its level in the battery bank is too high.
  • Contamination of the battery surface can also lead to current loss. It usually occurs when a car owner tries to protect the lead terminals from oxidation, treating the cover with aerosols, which are sometimes conductive. In these conditions, the best feasible option is to contact the nearest car repair services Bangalore.

2. Leakage current in the car.

  • It can occur due to faulty wiring causing short circuits in the conductors. It usually happens when multiple conductors get damaged and stop working while various salts do their job. Conductors are prone to get oxidized, and the salts formed between the wire disrupt the normal electricity flow.
  • Leakage of current due to faulty electric components. It can happen when the car is in parking, should turn off, but for some reason did not turn off. There can be multiple reasons for these kinds of failures, like a malfunction in part itself or the security system.
  • Accidentally left on the interior light, headlights, long alarms, minor damage to the trunk, displacement of the lid or breakdown of the trunk light switch can cause a car electric system problem and eventually lead to discharge.

Car battery does not charge:

  • There is no charge at all or not enough charge due to the generator malfunction;
  • Defective battery terminals or wirings;
  • Blown out fuse protecting the generator circuit;

How to avoid battery self-discharge

  1. Make sure to keep the car battery clean;
  2. If you notice any electrolyte leaks on the battery lid (and they did not appear since the battery was turned over, having spilled acid), immediately contact a car servicing Bangalore and immediately replace the battery. Leaks can make a battery out of order, and the only option a car owner has is to replace the battery;
  3. Avoid deep discharge;
  4. Check the battery charge promptly;
  5. Regularly check wiring for damage;
  6. At the first suspicion of a problem with the battery, you must contact a professional car mechanic in Bangalore, who can provide doorstep services.