Factor affecting the price of a diamond ring

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Many people wear rings made from gold, silver, and other precious metals as jewellery. The rings usually have one or more precious stones. While rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other semi-precious stones can be used for the rings, usually most people prefer diamond rings since diamonds are the most valuable precious stones. Many men prefer diamond rings for their proposal, engagement and wedding rings. Men who wish to purchase a diamond ring would like to find out the price of a diamond ring. Likely, today you can find a great variety of men’s diamond rings online.​ Like other jewellery the cost of the diamond ring will depend on multiple factors which are discussed below.

Number of gemstones

The price of the diamond ring like other jewellery depends to a large extent on the number and type of gemstones which are used. While the ring will have at least one large diamond, most of the rings have multiple diamonds or other gemstones. The price of each gemstone will usually depend on the quality. So if the ring is designed so that there are more expensive high quality gemstones, the price of the ring will be much higher. On the other hand, if the diamond ring has only one large diamond, the price of the ring could be lesser.

Gemstone size

One of the main factors which determines the cost of a diamond ring is the quality of the diamonds and other gemstones which are being used. Usually the price of a diamond or other gemstone is directly proportional to the size or weight. So if the customer wants a ring with larger diamonds and other gemstones, he will usually have to pay more. Additionally for diamonds, other factors like the color, clarity and cut of the diamond will also determine the price. A well cut diamond which glitters and has no defects will cost more. The price of other gemstones also depends on their quality.

Ring weight

Typically the diamond ring is made from a precious metal like gold or platinum, though sometimes other metals like silver, tungsten or stainless steel may be used. The cost of the ring depends on the purity of the precious metal which is used, and the weight of the ring. So if the ring is an intricate ring, which is heavier in weight (excluding the weight of the diamond or precious stone), the cost of the ring will be more. Usually if the ring is purchased from a reputed jeweler, he will provide details of the exact weight of precious metal used and purity.


Another factor which determines the price of a diamond ring is the design of the ring. If the buyer wants a custom designed intricate ring, the jeweler will usually charge more for the ring compared to the standard design. Most individuals want their wedding or engagement ring to look unique, different from the ring which others are wearing, so they work closely with the jeweler to make a ring which is customized. Some customers want a ring which is carved or has engravings while others want a ring which has the initials of the couple who is getting married. They can also specify the number and layout of the precious stones in the diamond ring.