EXANTE Broker Donates $1 Million to Ukraine Children & Families

A global brokerage firm, EXANTE broker, donated $1 million to the UNICEF in support of vulnerable children and families in Ukraine. The conflict in Ukraine has forced over 3.7 million people from their homes – ninety percent of whom are children and women. Because of this situation, children and families are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation. As a result, EXANTE broker and other companies have joined forces with the organization in order to help these children and families.

EXANTE Brokers provide social-emotional support for children

As part of our social responsibility, EXANTE donated EUR921,000 to UNICEF to assist children affected by the escalating conflict in Syria. Over 3 million people have fled the war-torn country, with 90 percent of them being children and women. These people are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking. EXANTE’s support for UNICEF is helping UNICEF provide life-saving services to vulnerable families.

In a humanitarian aid program, EXANTE donated $1 million to UNICEF. This organization provides assistance to children in Ukraine and in neighboring countries. This funding will help provide social-emotional support to children who are victims of the war and their families. Today, the conflict in Ukraine has left more than 3.7 million people displaced, and 90 percent of these people are children and women. As a result, children in Ukraine are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation. With the support of partners like EXANTE, UNICEF will continue to provide social-emotional support to children and families affected by the conflict.

In addition to donating to UNICEF, EXANTE also donated $1 million to UNICEF’s work in Ukraine and neighboring countries. These funds will help UNICEF provide essential services and support to children in Ukraine and neighboring countries. UNICEF’s mission is to ensure children’s rights are protected and to reduce child mortality worldwide. The money donated by EXANTE will enable UNICEF to continue their mission to help the most vulnerable and at-risk families in Ukraine.

They have partnered with UNICEF

Founded in 1946, EXANTE is a global brokerage that has donated $1 million to UNICEF, a nonprofit organization that helps children in crisis areas. Since the crisis began, UNICEF has delivered over 858 tons of emergency supplies to Ukraine, and they have also helped to set up special cornerstones in metro stations to support children.

The charity is providing a range of humanitarian support services to the children affected by the conflict, including winter clothing and health and hygiene kits. Other services include educational materials, recreational activities, and safe drinking water. The organization has partnered with social networks to spread its word about these efforts and continue to provide support. The funds will help the children of Ukraine overcome their traumas and rebuild their lives.

This is an incredible donation, and the money will go to organizations that provide aid to children in need in Ukraine and neighboring countries. UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories and has representatives on the ground to help children in crisis situations. UNICEF’s programs are based on rigorous research and critical thinking, which allows them to maximize the impact they have on the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people.

They have partnered with H-E-B

The charity has partnered with several companies to provide assistance to families affected by the recent Ukrainian crisis. In particular, the partnership with H-E-B has allowed it to help raise more than $1 million for the Ukrainian children. H-E-B has also made a personal donation of $50000 to the nonprofit organizations to provide much needed relief to the people in Ukraine. These donations are being made through the charity H-E-B has partnered with, including EXANTE Broker.

The money will help support UNICEF in their efforts to help displaced children and their families in Ukraine. The conflict has forced more than 3.7 million people to flee their homes, and ninety percent of the refugees are children and women. This makes these people incredibly vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation. The funds raised by H-E-B will support this vital work.

In addition to providing aid for displaced families, EXANTE has also donated funds to UNICEF’s work. The organization is a vital resource that supports education and health initiatives in over 200 countries. It provides life-saving supplies to children affected by the conflict, as well as educational programs. In addition, EXANTE Broker and H-E-B have worked together to provide funds for an innovative program.

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