Everything You Need to Know about CS:GO Betting Markets

Thanks to an extensive customer base, CS:GO tournaments can hardly exist without betting activities. The doubtful ethics and legality of the routine have eventually resulted in legal problems for CS:GO publisher Valve.

Bookmakers offer multiple options that provide players with freedom to apply the desired strategy. Before you start CS:GO betting at, let’s see the basics you should know about the game.

Map Winners

The major form of betting in CS:GO is to predict the team to win a game. Compared to traditional teams, CS:GO teams are about to deal with various maps. Thus, even professional teams may have varying levels of success on different maps.

You will need to explore the existing patterns in map drafts to predict the potential performance made by two teams. By analyzing their gaming approaches, you will gain more realistic expectations toward their game.

Maps Used in Handicaps

Most series in CS:GO are based on a competition in the best-of-three format. This means that over/under handicapping on the overall number of maps integrated into a series is a popular choice among bookies. In a best-of-three case, this functionally refers to the fact of whether the sessions are going to be marked with an “over” or “under” paying off.

Best-of-five series can’t be excluded as well. In the grand finals, over/unders are provided at the rate of 3.5 and 4.5. The overall dynamics is based on the fast-changing lines and the possibility of the result.

Final Result of a Single Gaming Session

In best-of-three and best-of-five sessions, you can forecast the final score of a series. At this point, it doesn’t come to pick its winner. Let’s say if Complexity Gaming and Movistar Riders will meet in a best-of-three session, you might bet on Movistar Riders as a potential winner. The final score might be 2-1. Best-of-three sessions provide just four potential outcomes, while things go further with five sessions.

Predicting the exact score of a series can determine serious value when wagering on a favorite, even a strong one. However, focusing on the underdog can also be a lucky ticket for many bettors.

Number of Maps Taken Over by a Team

This kind of prediction is going to be hypothetical. After all, even a seemingly strong team may demonstrate a bad performance. Let’s go back to the example with Complexity Gaming and Movistar Riders. For the match of both teams, most bookies will offer you to choose how many maps each team will win in the series. For example, Team Liquid may win one, two, or no maps at all.

Rounds Taken Over on a Map Handicap

CS:GO tournaments are usually spread within 30 rounds. Similar to traditional sports, CS:GO betting has the odds of victory that set up a margin of points to be taken by a potential winner.

Different betting sites provide the ability to determine one’s own spread for titles, with various risk levels. Similar to the final score in a series of bets, it makes sense to bet on a decisive favorite. Even if the final reward is going to be moderate, it will still let you make a profit.

Can There Be Overtime on a Map?

CS:GO tournaments usually consist of 30 rounds. To become a winner, a team must win in 16 rounds, at least. If the final score is 15-15, the teams will have to start an overtime period that consists of six rounds. The first team to hit four rounds in the period becomes a winner, though this can be restarted if the period ends with each team taking over three rounds.

Some bookmakers offer bettors the chance to bet on the map until the overtime or the official draw. The lines always remain wide, stating the number of games that end up in the regulation.

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