Everything You Must Know About the Music Festival in Asia

The music festival is a live performance of singing and playing various musical instruments. Each country in Asia has its music festival. The potential of festivals is revealed not only for society’s culture but also for the socio-economic development of territories. Research shows that modern culture plays a vital role in decentralizing resources, the importance of which has long been accepted in the mind of citizens of Asian countries. There are also few but vivid examples of the development of a local center of culture, contributing to a general rise in the standard of living and at the same time not rejecting.

Music Festival:

In this material, we focus on the need for high-quality studies of a Music Festivals in Asia as a cultural phenomenon, which is especially relevant in the wake of an active discussion of the foundations of the state cultural policy of Asia. In recent decades, Asia music festival rapidly developed in all types of arts is inherent and other areas of life. As an integral part of the positive culture, the festival has become a bright socio-cultural phenomenon that opens the horizon and the facets of the arts in a new light, attracting large population segments.

Something that previously seemed inaccessible and not attractive to many. This format holding events attract the audience by the very word “festival”, a beacon that promises something exciting and unusual. Yet, today, using this word in the names of the concert, theatre and other programs, we do not think about why the festival is so attractive to people, what are the attributes of this phenomenon, how does fertilization develop, where lie the roots of this phenomenon and what is the role of the festival in the cultural landscape.

And the origins of this phenomenon are extremely curious and, in fact, lie in the distant past of humanity in the archetypes and traditions that have been established since ancient times, in the memory of society, which accumulates the experience of the past and creates an image holiday as a particular form of communication. Conviviality is one way of regulating behavior in spectacular and plays forms of culture and attracts people by the aestheticization of life while allowing them to deviate from it harmoniously within the framework of the canonical tradition.

Is the festival part of an elite culture?

There has long been a perception that festivals are a phenomenon of elite culture. Therefore, it is worth focusing on the concept of “elitism”. As you know, in the minds of scientists, elite culture emerged as an opposition to mass culture: only it can preserve and reproduce. Meanings and values of culture and have several features. Chief among them is a language often closed to those who are not privy to its secrets.

The language of classical music has long been the only language available and understandable to most people; however, with the advent of mass, simplified music, such as pop, electronic, etc., the classics passed into the category of elite culture.

Contemporary practice of the festival space:

Asia Music Festivals starting in remote villages and small settlements, or even among mountains and lakes, gradually have become places of concentration of leading artists, gained international fame, and attracted hundreds of musical tourists annually. The importance of festivals and tourism in local, regional economic systems is now becoming scientific research.


These examples are among the most striking in regional festival life. They show that regions intuitively find the right way to develop. Waste so if in Asian cultural policy marketing methods have been assimilated for a long time, and then in modern Asian reality, it is only just coming to understand that concepts such as the market, Consumer, needs, competition also exist in culture. Learn effectively using marketing methods to promote festival programs is a difficult task requiring the constant study of human needs for music, literature, painting, and other cultural objects.

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