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Canada, like every other country in the world, is greatly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Our daily lives have been remodified, with both government agencies and the World Health Organization advising that people wear face masks to mitigate the transmission of infections.

Currently, the use of face-covering is mandated in all public spaces, transport hubs and supermarkets. People are also advised to keep them on indoors if they are likely to meet people they don’t usually meet.

Furthermore, anyone caught without a face-covering risk being fined, except for people with underlying medical conditions and children under II.

Since mask-wearing is a mandatory task, it is not sustainable to use a mask per day and dispose of it afterward. Hence, why you need a reusable facemask in Canada, reusable masks can be washed, dried, and reused, saving you a lot of expenses.

What you should know before buying a face mask

There is a difference between medical masks and face coverings, and they differ in effectiveness. However, medical masks are reserved only for front-line staff and key workers.

The job of the face covering is not to protect the wearer but to block the source of infection. This is known as ‘source control.’ Most of your germs will be caught in it, thereby making you less of an infection risk to others. The reusable n95 mask effectively keeps you safe from infections while also offering a reduction in waste and cost.

Before wearing a facemask, your hands should be clean; avoid touching your face and adjusting the mask. Doing this can transfer germs from the outside to your mouth and nose. If you want to take off your mask, you only need to unloop the straps from behind you. On removal, store it in a clean plastic reusable bag and wash your hands.

Before buying a face mask, what should you consider?

Getting the right face mask can be a hassle due to different face contours and accoutrements, ease of breathing, mask size and several other factors. Here are a few things you should consider before you buy your reusable mask.

  • Valves: a face mask with a valve let’s all your breath into the air, posing a danger to everyone around you. Valves do very little, so avoid buying a face covering with a valve.
  • Glasses: if you use glasses, you should select a tie face reusable mask. One, you can adjust to sit tightly across your nose or a mask with a nose clip to avoid your glasses steaming up.
  • Facial hair: facial hair may interfere with the effectiveness of reusable n95 face masks. If you can, going clean-shaven will make sure your face sits nicely in the mask.
  • Fabrics: avoid using a facemask made of fabrics that can irritate your skin. Select one that sits smoothly on your skin without any discomfort. You are more likely to touch your face if you are uncomfortable with your face mask.

Where to buy face coverings?

Face mask production has greatly increased since the beginning of lockdown, with many businesses and individuals manufacturing their own.

In Canada, the go-to place for your reusable facemasks is PPE Supply Canada.

PPE Supply Canada is Canada’s number one supplier of superior and unbeatable protection gear. All their products are graphene-free.

For as low as $12.95, you can get a reusable n95 mask that conforms with the Canadian government regulations and protects you from infections. All products are available for both children and adults. In addition, you have the option of buying a product in packs. If you are unsure of which product to go for, our recommended products will suit you just well.

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