Escape from New York: 5 Amazing Nearby Places to Go by Car

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If you’ve ever been to New York, you know that this city exhausts with its daily bustle. The first hours are enough to feel like a hero of popular American sitcoms. Undoubtedly, the list of interesting places in the city is amazing, and it’s not in vain that a huge number of travelers from all over the world strive to get there. However, such a high popularity of the Big Apple is its major disadvantage, because almost all city attractions are literally teeming with people. 

Fortunately, we have a plan for those who have already explored the crowded New York and want to continue their journey at a more relaxed pace. Are you among them? Then rent a car and check out some amazing driving spots near New York…

Rock City Park, Olean

This is one of the most secluded locations in New York State. Rock City Park is so invisible that most tourists simply drive by, not realizing what a wonderful world is hidden behind the entrance. Here is the largest and one of the oldest quartz formations in the world, which turned Olean into a stone town. 

The most popular highlight is called “stone pudding” – a 1,000-ton boulder on top of another stone structure. The park once housed an amusement park, a luxury hotel, and a dance pavilion. Now only the chimeras of these places have survived, but Americans love to wander there, especially on the eve of Halloween. 

You can explore the park even all day long – just remember to wear comfortable sneakers. After the walk, visit a souvenir shop to grab something atmospheric from the stone town as a keepsake.

Kingfisher Tower, Otsego Lake 

The Kingfisher Tower is a miniature 18-meters-high stone castle located on Otsego Lake. The distance from New York is about 200 miles, making it possible to get there by rental car in 3 hours. The tower’s windows are made of colored glass, which looks truly fabulous. There used to be a drawbridge made of solid oak near the tower. 

Now Kingfisher has a more aesthetic function – people come there to escape from the bustle of New York. You can also get to Kingfisher starting from the NY state capital by picking up a car rental from Avis at Albany airport. The city is located 70 miles from Kingfisher Tower, which takes a little over an hour to reach by car. 

The Adventure Park at Long Island, Wheatley Heights

This is an adventure park located on Long Island and just a great place for the fans of extreme sports. Here you can walk along zipline trails. There are only ten of them, and each leads you to new locations. 

This place is suitable for people of all ages – even beginners can handle it, as they will give you detailed instructions before the air challenge. We only advise you to plan your trip in advance. The best place to visit is in the morning. 

However, Adventure Park is a spectacular show in the evening too, because every path is lit with colorful lights and the tour will be accompanied by music.

Mohawk Maiden Cruises, Schuylerville

Most tourists don’t even suspect that the picturesque village of Schuylerville is located near New York. We recommend you to rent a car and driving there as soon as you have the opportunity. From there, you can go for an hour and a half long boat tour through the Hudson

Moreover, you should find the way to the ship on which you will travel with the help of a map and special road signs. The Caldwell Belle is one of a kind and is specially adapted for the Hudson and Champlain Canal cruises. Next, you choose a suitable place on the ship and start enjoying the scenery. Also, you can have a snack in the small dining room.

Naples, Ontario County

The picturesque town of Naples in Ontario County is well-known to tourists, but many people forget to visit it. If you travel in a rental car, you will be free from any schedule and will be able to find enough time to spend time there. There are many shops where you can find unique handmade souvenirs. 

You can go to Naples just to dine in one of the cozy restaurants – each of them offers a romantic view of the picturesque places. However, in general, travelers love to visit Naples in order to look at the wonders of nature. 

For example, go to Grimes Glen Park. Here you will see amazing waterfalls, crystal clear springs, and a variety of plants. On the way back, you can visit the Wohlschlegel’s Maple Farm. This is a real paradise for sweet lovers. The hospitable owners will treat you to candy and offer you a few bottles of maple syrup.

Unfortunately, New York is one of the states with the most expensive tolls in America, so just be sure to plan ahead if you’ll be driving through tolls.