English Words to Teach around the New Year

New Year in China is ushered in style and excitement in anticipation of a new year with lots of opportunities and luck. The New Year’s celebrations and activities in China involve family reunions, dining together and walking in the streets, which turn into open-air markets selling exciting products, including decorations and street food. If you are an expat teaching at one of the ib schools in Shanghai, it would be an exciting opportunity to teach some English words and phrases for the new year. This will be an exciting experience and a chance to have a memorable, meaningful, fun and engaging experience with your students.

English words to teach around the New Year

  • Lantern

The lantern festival is an essential and ancient tradition celebrated during the New Year. During these celebrations, people release lanterns into the sky, sending past experiences to get new tidings or wishes in the New Year. During this festival, people go outside in an open space and set off lanterns with their families. Lanterns are essential since they symbolize national pride in China while being used as decorations in public places and homes. Teaching this word in schools or learning institutions will help acknowledge China’s modernity and history.

  • Fireworks and firecrackers

Teaching about fireworks and firecrackers is an incredible way to embrace and appreciate the New Year when teaching in China. At midnight which marks the beginning of the new year, there is an astonishing display of fireworks and firecrackers to symbolize the beginning and welcoming of the new year in style. When the fireworks are set off and released in the sky, there is an aftermath of loud noises, a cloud of thick smoke and shaking buildings. During this time, people are usually excited about ushering in the New Year while cheering with lots of excitement, joy and happiness.

  • Dragon Dance

The dragon dance is another important English word to teach around the New Year in the various ib schools in Shanghai since it symbolises and stands for wisdom, power, wealth and the best of luck. Chinese dragons are a crucial part of Chinese culture, which can be critical in helping you understand Chinese traditions while teaching in China. The dragon dance and festival are performed with passion and excitement during the New Year. It’s believed that the longer the dance lasts, the more luck and great fortunes come into the community. The dragon dance designers design their costumes with bamboo, grass, cloth materials and paper while incorporating different colours in their costumes. The dragon body area is woven around using a thin layer of bamboo strips and covered with a decoration of dragon scales.

  • Chinese New Year Gala

The Chinese New year Gala, popularly known as the CCTV New Year’s Gala, is a live TV program live-streamed on CCTV to celebrate the New Year. Since its establishment, the show has gained much popularity since it has been the most viewed program for entertainment in China. When teaching in ib schools in China, this would be a vital English word to teach and educate students about.

Some of the other English words to teach around the New Year include:

  • Red envelopes
  • Spring rolls
  • Zodiac
  • Dumplings
  • Reunion
  • Abundance, fortune

The New Year is nearly approaching, and it’s an exciting opportunity to celebrate this moment with your family and friends. This will be a celebration with lots of fireworks displays and travelling from place to place to visit your loved ones while enjoying the moment. Teachers searching for ESL jobs in China or already working in China will have an opportunity to teach English words and phrases around the New Year while spending time with their students and enjoying this wonderful season of celebration.

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