Effective guidelines for spring garage maintenance

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The pandemic made people spend more time in their homes than normal. This is when people realized that they should have better work, leisure, and luxury spaces. And they realized the importance of their garages. Most of the houses didn’t have maintained garages. Now that you have time, you can look at those things.

A major springtime maintenance job is your garage. You may not consider it until something breaks, but periodically maintaining your garage is important. A garage can add a value of $15000 to $30000 to your house, depending on its size, location, and if it is detached or attached.

Building a new garage?

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Tips for maintenance of your garage

The door

An essential thing to consider about your garage is the garage door. It should operate well. During the winter, a major issue is salt and dirt getting into the wheel tracks and increasing friction, wear and tear, and rusting of the track and wheels.

You can clean the tracks and lubricate them to ensure the door opens and closes freely. If there is a squeaking sound, make sure you definitely use the lubricant. Check the wheels and clean them to offer a silent glide.

Tighten the screws and bolts

Inspect the screws and bolts that hold the door to ensure they are working well. If you find any of them coming out or coming loose, make sure you tighten them up and replace the missing ones.

The Man Door

Your garage will have one or two-man doors to enter and exit. Make sure you inspect their work to ensure they are free from salt and dirt. You can use lubricant on the door hinges and knobs to prevent them from squeaking.

Also, check the frame to ensure that they help the door open and close freely. If there is any rubbing, you should adjust the frame.

The floor

If you notice any cracks on the floor, you should get it filled or fixed. It will offer a cleaner look and feel to your garage. However, consult a concrete specialist if there are major cracks on the floor.


If there is garage heather, you should ensure it is timely serviced and maintained.

Roofs, eavestrough, and gutter

It is suggested to go on the roof and assess it. Make sure you take the required safety precautions or hire a professional roofer to do it for you. Check the shingles to ensure everything is intact and check if the vents are clean.

These small things can help you organize your garage and make it more functional.