Ecig Laws in Seattle, Washington

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E-cigarette consumption among the youth is now increasing more than ever before throughout the United States. For example, in King County, Seattle, the use of e-cigarettes is now greater than that of traditional combustible cigarettes. Despite their widespread use, federal law prohibits retailers from selling tobacco or vaping products to anyone below the age of 21 years.

However, at the moment, there is no proper regulation on the chemical content of ecigs. While some nicotine-containing e-juices are hyped as being safe, product testing reveals that the ingredients and other chemical information listed on the packaging can sometimes be misleading.

Washington State, including King County, prohibits vapers from using their devices in public gatherings and at their workplaces. The sale of ecigs and other nicotine products to minors is a crime, and so is the sampling of nicotine e-liquids.

Secondhand vapor and its side effects

There is growing interest in the subject of secondhand vapor and its impact on the health of others. The available research studies have shown that ecig vapor may contain potentially carcinogenic substances. However, it’s thought that the levels of carcinogenic substances in ecigs are lower than what’s found in traditional combustible cigarettes. Examples of carcinogens found in ecigs include formaldehyde, lead, nickel, and chromium.

Nickel, sodium, iron, and aluminum have been known to be found in higher concentrations than in conventional cigarette smoke. These are associated with increased risks of chronic bronchitis, and lung irritation among other effects.

So, can ecigs help Seattle smokers quit cigarettes? Well, like many other places, electronic cigarettes play a big role in helping Seattle users quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

Contrary to popular belief, experts have not found any evidence suggesting that consumption of ecigs is healthy. The FDA has not defined ecigs to be a good way to quit smoking. Check ePuffer’s website here for more info on ecigs.

Washington regulations on vapor products

Vapor product laws such as HB 6328 impact tobacco retailers in Washington state. This was passed by Washington legislators in June 2016. It highlights issues such as labeling of vape products, the ban on open displays of ecigs, ad restrictions on coupons, and requirements for child-resistant packaging.

This bill:

  • Spells out penalties for people who don’t comply with the new requirements
  • Regulates the online distribution of ecigs in Washington
  • Offers consumer protection through warnings and nicotine content disclosures
  • Gives youth access protection to limit their use of vapor products
  • Issues fines for vape dealers to pay for enforcement, education, and prevention

What products are impacted by Seattle ecig laws?

Seattle ecig laws regulate all vapor products, irrespective of whether they contain nicotine or not. In addition to that, Federal tobacco laws also equally apply to ENDs (electronic nicotine delivery systems) that come with nicotine, tobacco, cigars, and the like.

Generally, vapor products include e-cigarettes, electronic pipes, cigarillo, and other devices that may contain nicotine solutions. These are also referred to as non-combustible products because they feature heating elements, power sources, and some added chemicals for generating aerosol. Local governments have the right to enact ordinances controlling the use of indoor vapor products in public forums.