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Easy Ways To Deal With PDF Documents

Anyone who deals with a lot of documentation knows how useful PDFS are. Portable Document Formats is one of the most used and reliable file formats that is used for its various features. It is a universally accepted file format that can also be password protected. It can work across different operating systems like Windows, Linux, iOS, and others. 

There are various reasons why PDFs have been so popular since the time they came into existence. There has been no competitor who has been able to dethrone the mightly PDF from being the most used file format. 

However, it is not all cakewalk. Editing PDFs is not a smooth task. It is not as easy as editing Word files. Some useful features allow you to edit and control all the aspects of a PDF file. Let us explore some ways that can help us handle PDFs.

1. Create a PDF file.

If you do not have an Adobe license, you can simply go to any browser and open the print settings. There you will have an option of “Save As” scroll down and find “Save As PDF”. Any of your documents can be converted to a PDF with this simple trick. Be it a webpage, or you can even upload a document and download it as a PDF. 

2. Edit a PDF.

PDFs are read-only documents; they cannot be edited easily. You can easily do this by uploading your document to PDFSimpli. 

3. Set up password. 

Encryption is one of the best features of PDFs. You just have to follow the simple steps: Tools > Protect > Encrypt > Encrypt with Password. You can choose any password of your choice, and your PDF is encrypted. You can now share and store it without worrying about theft.

4. Convert to PDF.

Any file format — doc, XLSX, PPT, or others — can be converted to PDF. This is done to keep the content of the file intact. By converting Excel to PDF or any file to PDF, you can maintain the symmetry of the content of the file. 

5. Extract text from PDF files.

You can upload your PDF to Google Drive and open it as Google Docs. This will easily show the textual and image format of the file in a document. 


You can use the above tricks to make your PDF and document handling easy. You can now easily convert XLSX to PDF, extract text, edit or create PDF. 

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