Early Balding – What to Do? Signs, Causes & Prevention

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Balding has become a serious problem among people of all ages. There is nothing more annoying than having hair fall from your head when you are young. There are many possible causes for such problems, such as a hereditary problem or the use of a chemical.

Normally, an adult loses about 100 hairs on an average daily, but if the hair loss rate increases abnormally, it is an early sign of balding. But if someone is facing such problems, then there is no reason to worry. Because like all other diseases, there is also a treatment for baldness. But it is not always possible to prevent 100 percent, but if you follow some rules, the rate of hair loss can be reduced greatly. This article gives you a brief overview of baldness and how to treat it.

Signs of Balding:

Women have more hair loss than men. The life cycle of hair is usually 5-6 years. It is common for a person to lose 60-80 hairs per day. If you have more hair than this, then it is an early sign of baldness.

The initial symptoms of baldness are hair loss, hair sticking to pillows, combs and shirt collars.

Reasons for Men’s & Women’s Early Balding:

For each gender, several additional factors are most likely to cause hair loss at a young age.

So, in men, these factors include:

  • Excessive physical activity, which may include not only hard physical work but “processing” in the gym;
  • An increased testosterone level in the body, especially in the presence of high sensitivity of hair follicles to male hormones.

Women can lose hair for the following reasons:

  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy and in the postpartum period; the amount of estrogen in the body of a pregnant woman rises, from which the hairline becomes thicker, but after childbirth, this hormone “falls,” which causes temporary hair loss;
  • In some cases – taking oral hormonal contraceptives, as well as an abrupt interruption.

At a more mature age, the cause of female alopecia, up to the formation of balding, can also be menopause. In this case, as after pregnancy, hair falls out due to a decrease in the hormone estrogen level.

Prevention & Treatment of Early Balding:

Preventive measures against hair loss should be taken continuously, without waiting for the first signs – especially if you have a genetic predisposition to baldness.

Prevention can include a whole range of measures, the most effective of which are the following:

  • Stimulating head massage for better blood supply to hair follicles;
  • A balanced diet with a normal diet;
  • Rejection of bad habits will help to strengthen and “revive” the hairline significantly;
  • Full sleep;
  • Compulsory physical activity, but without “breaking records”;
  • Hygiene and hair care using products suitable for your hair type.

And of course, try to avoid stress, although this is very difficult nowadays.

Suppose despite the measures taken, the hair still began to thin and fall out in much larger quantities than usual. In that case, it is necessary to consult with a specialized specialist.

Depending on the diagnosis, pathological hair loss is treated by one or more modern methods, including:

  1. Hormone therapy;
  2. Mesotherapy;
  3. Electrophoresis;
  4. Professional massages using therapeutic drugs for external use;
  5. Drugs for oral administration.

In no case should you self-medicate without a diagnosis, as such “random therapy” can aggravate the situation, and in some cases, even lead to the irreversibility of the hair loss process?

Final Thought:

There is no reason to be upset about baldness. You can cure this problem by taking treatment as per the advice of a regular doctor. In many cases, this problem can also be due to heredity. However, be careful not to be disturbed by such problems.