Dyson’s Latest Innovations: For a Better Future

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Dyson, as a brand, is well known for being one of the most innovative companies when it comes to developing their products. Best known for its high-quality vacuum cleaners, the company has diversified its production into a wider berth of products such as hand dryers, bladeless fans, hairdryers and more.

Try to browse this site https://www.ishopchangi.com/en/brand/dyson if you are wondering what Dyson’s latest innovations are. Well, at the moment they are investing in new technologies for energy storage, robotics and software, so expect to be dazzled very soon. What they currently have are their iconic supersonic hair dryers, aerospace-inspired curling irons and more.

They can innovate so well because they ask the right questions and then seek out the best solutions for them. Let’s check out Dyson’s latest innovations and products.

Dyson’s Latest Innovations

With their recent plan to invest $3.67 billion into new technologies in the next 5 years and focus on Asian markets such as Singapore and the Philippines, they are currently working on better energy storage solutions, intelligent products, new-gen motor technology, robotics and software.

They are planning to expand their current line of innovative products which includes their supersonic hairdryers, bacteria-killing humidifiers and more. Their supersonic hair dryers are slim, lightweight and designed for different hair types. Compared to their competitors, their supersonic hair dryers are 300 percent more powerful which is staggering. They also came up with a curling iron that utilizes aerospace physics to heat the hair without damaging it.

Another key area they are looking at is to commercialize their solid-state battery technology which is currently being developed. With their headquarters to be set up in Singapore, they will be focusing on advanced research and development facilities to help them innovate and push boundaries as they always do. With several new innovative products coming from Dyson, it’s truly an exciting future to look forward to.