Drum Rol(and), Please

Roland has been an institution in the music world for decades now. Known for manufacturing electronics, the brand’s impact on the music industry is definitely invaluable. Roland’s influence on music can be seen today, from music sequencers and recording software to synthesizers and drum machines.

While some would be more familiar with their synthesizers, amplifiers, and guitar effects, Roland’s range in terms of electronic musical instruments goes even beyond that. Among their long line of musical instruments, Roland drums are another one of the brand’s world-renowned products. Their electronic drum kits, much like their other pieces of electronics, are known for the technology they utilize. This technology has helped change the way drums have been used in music, helping produce many popular musical tracks over the years and revolutionizing drums in the world of music.

The Roland Name

What is now known as a household name in electronic musical instruments, the Roland brand first started out as a small manufacturing company in Osaka, Japan. Compared to their contemporary companies at the time, founder Ikutaro Kakehashi decided to develop electronic instruments that would appeal to people with little to no musical training. With musical hobbyists and amateurs in mind, the Roland brand focused on keeping things simple, small, and affordable.

Thus, with that goal in mind, Roland began to produce some of the world’s best electronic instruments. From their first-ever product, the TR-77 drum machine, to their SH-1000 synthesizer, the brand showed some potential in creating great musical instruments. But, in terms of their impact on drums, it wasn’t until they released their CompuRhythm CR-78 that Roland showed that they were a force to be reckoned with.

With their production of the CR-78, Roland’s simplistic piece of technology helped appeal to several notable artists during the time of its release. While it did sound very basic for a drum machine, it was able to help produce iconic drum tracks such as what you hear in Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” and Hall and Oats’ “I Can’t Go For That”.

Of course, Roland didn’t stop there and continue to improve on their technology. At present, the brand has a great selection of electronic drum kits, among several other musical instruments. The fact that Roland is pretty much a household name can attest to how they’ve managed to not only keep up with the needs of the music world but excel at it as well.

Why Get A Roland Drum Kit?

Before you consider getting a Roland drum kit, it would be good first to consider why you should get yourself an electronic drum kit.

While people may argue that getting yourself a standard acoustic drum kit would be an entirely different experience on its own, not everyone might be able to accommodate an actual kit. Whether it’s because of a budget or lack of space, getting an actual drum kit may not be the most practical choice. After all, some setups may require a lot of space and cost a lot, especially if you’ll need more snares, toms, and cymbals.

Whereas with an electronic drum kit, you’ll be able to save on both space and money. While the setup may be simpler and minimal, an electronic drum kit can still keep up with an acoustic drum kit. What’s more, it can be even more versatile. Roland drum kits, for example, may have a very minimalistic setup but are already pre-programmed with over 15 different drum kits. This can definitely save you a lot of money and space, mainly because everything you need is already there.

Roland drums are a product of research and precision engineering, and have consistently produced quality sounds and are very durable to boot. While they are electronic, they can still provide a playing experience that is just as accurate as playing an acoustic drum kit. In addition, their SuperNATURAL sound technology promises to keep your playing experience as authentic as the real thing, maintaining a natural sound and an equally reactive response. If that wasn’t enough, these kits are more affordable compared to other electronic equipment.

Roland electronic musical instruments have promised quality ever since the company started. The fact that they’re still around today is proof that they’ve been doing a good job and have done what they can to improve and innovate in the electronic instrument world constantly. Their drum kits are no exception, promising a playing experience at par with any regular drum kit. With the technology that Roland brings to the table, they’re definitely a top choice for drum kits.

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