Don’t forget 6 things at coworking space

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‘Coworking is about more than not just having to work’

A coworking space us actually the one where you can organize events yourself, but also have fun, where you could read the newspaper and meet other people. In such an environment you can soon came across coworking and started to delve into it.

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Things you should take to your coworking space

If you are going to work at a coworking place, you have to think a little longer about what you are going to do and how you will approach it. You have to make sure you have everything you need with you so that you can be really more productive than at the office.

When you have the right tools at hand, you can work from almost anywhere.

1. Laptop

As a knowledge worker you need a laptop to be able to work anywhere. An internet connection is useful, but not always available. Make sure your to do’s are divided into online and offline work.

Tablets are becoming more popular. Useful for consuming information. Producing is less obvious on a tablet, especially if you want the same efficiency as on your laptop.

2. Cable management

A laptop and smartphone also mean: don’t forget your charger. Owning multiple power cords is not an unnecessary luxury. Always keep one in your bag.

The other cables (ears, connector for the beamer, …) are best stored in a plastic bag. A bag of silica gel absorbs all the moisture. These bags can be found in almost every packaging of an electronic device.

3. Backups

A regular backup is like insurance. When you have to pay the policy you wonder why. The moment you need it, you kiss both hands.

4. Headphones

Talk or music can completely disrupt your focus. In a coworking space, you may need a pair of earphones to keep you focused. Or if you want to watch something on the internet with sound, you won’t disturb your fellow coworkers thanks to the earphones.

5. Paper

Always have paper with you. You think outside your head and paper is still the best medium for that.

6. Water

To stay focused, your brain needs water and air. A bottle of water in your bag, tightly closed, is a godsend.

In every coworking place you can easily get the necessary moisture for a fee.

Coworking is still a story of a young generation of hip creatives who are already earning a little money. Young self-employed people who hope to launch the new Facebook tomorrow, but cannot rent or buy their own office. There are still relatively few of them in Belgium, but this is clearly growing throughout Europe. For those in the US, there are coworking spaces in Houston that will provide you with all the workings of an office but without the price of owning or renting a space. After that, the coworking story will become popular among people in their thirties with children who have found their position, but want to break through the one-sidedness of working from home. The older generation will follow, although they are still very focused on the number of hours they work.