Do casinos cheat on baccarat?

Every gambler has once had the feeling of being cheated by the casinos, it is quite normal for players to question the authenticity of the game when it doesn’t favor them; but the question still lingers, do casinos cheat on baccarat? Is the game I love so much rigged to make me lose my hard-earned money? Is baccarat rigged to only favor the house? These questions linger in the hearts of every gambler and the quest to find out if truly casinos cheat on baccarat has been on for years. 

Throughout my 15 years of experience in both online and live casino gambling, I’ve come across many phenomena which have led me to believe that the game of baccarat can be rigged by casinos. Players often compare live baccarat against online baccarat to see which is more likely to be rigged, and most would say live baccarat cannot be rigged. However, that statement is not always valid, sadly baccarat can be rigged by both online and live casinos. 

What then is the hope of all gamblers who earnestly wish for a rigged free baccarat game? How can one feel safe playing casino games? 

There’s but one solution to all these questions, and that is avoiding unlicensed and non-verified casinos. Always review a site or casino before opting to sign up with them. By learning more about the operator, you can avoid rigged websites and live casinos that cheat. I’ve encountered many rigged baccarat games over the years before coming across 카지노사이트, and since then, that feeling of being cheated has been long gone. Casinomarin gave me a list of certified and licensed casinos to play with, and I’ve felt safe since then.

Are Online Baccarat Games Rigged?

The sad truth is Yes! Online baccarat is only safe to play at a licensed and reputable casino site. There have been many complaints by gamblers over rigged online baccarat sites. These sites use fraudulent baccarat simulation software to cheat gamblers, that is why I strongly recommend players to visit gambling sites that are fully licensed and verified on Casino Marin, to avoid being cheated. 

Properly licensed and verified Online casinos use the Random Number Generator (RNG) software to ensure a free and fair gambling experience for players, with this the risk of being cheated is virtually non-existent.

How to detect if a Casino is Cheating

There are a few methods with which you could detect if a casino is cheating; follow the steps below to detect rigged live dealer sites:

  1. Lack of Transparency; An unverified casino is always not transparent about its licensing, regulations, and software used. They usually do not have the right qualifications needed and have a high tendency of rigging the games.
  2. Bad Reviews; Always do thorough research on the gambling site before registering. If a gambling site has several bad reviews, then it is most likely that their games are rigged.
  3. Payout Problems; One major feature of an illegal gambling operator is payment issues. Unlicensed gambling sites usually have problems paying out winnings. If you encounter any site that has pay-out problems while going through their review, do well to avoid such gambling sites.
  4. Dealers Refusing to answer Questions; This is another sign that shows that the operator is offering rigged games. A live casino dealer is there to provide you with necessary information, and run the game. If the dealer avoids your questions or refuses to answer, then you are being rigged, or the game isn’t legit.

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