DIY car window stickers

You come across them every day, as a parking sticker, on shop windows, doors, shop windows and cars. The window stickers are provided with logos, quality marks, message or mood image. To be used for advertising purposes or to create an atmosphere around a building. 

What are static window stickers?

Static stickers are stickers without glue, but stick by a static charge. This is also called a static adhesive sticker. These stickers do not leave any glue residue and can be used several times. Use the static stickers on flat surfaces such as windows and the sticker will last for five to eight months. If the surface is metal, we recommend a magnetic sticker. The static adhesive stickers are suitable for every window type and are easy to store. Static window stickers are temporary stickers that are often used as advertising on shop windows because they are easy to apply and easy to remove.
Sticker ordering can also supply permanent window stickers for, for example, logos on shop windows. 

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They are Reusable stickers

The static sticker is a reusable sticker and can be made on transparent or white window film. The film is produced in different sizes and shapes; square, rectangular, round, oval and any shape you want. 

Different types of window stickers

Window stickers are produced from different materials, depending on the application. Materials such as white matte or gloss vinyl, transparent vinyl sticker and window film. Vinyl stickers are produced in full color, making all designs possible. A big advantage of a white sticker is that both sides can be provided with a print, so that the sticker is legible on the inside and outside. A transparent sticker can be produced in black or color with opaque white. This has the advantage that the design can have a cut-out.

Would you like a text on the window? Then you go for window film. The letters and texts are cut from the foil and provided with an application with which the sticker can easily be stuck to the window. 

The first step in choosing the perfect window sticker is the material. Are you going for single-sided or double-sided?

Double-sided window stickers are not transparent, so that both sides are printed. With double-sided printing, the labels are legible on the inside and outside of the window. In addition, the stickers are easy to apply. Consider, for example, a sticker for carmera surveillance.

Single-sided window stickers have a print on one side so that the back is white. These stickers can be produced for the inside and outside of the window. Consider, for example, a smoking ban sticker in the train.

Depending on the application, you can choose a static adhesive, such as a permanent seal, or a removable sticker for temporary promotions. If you opt for a removable adhesive, you will not suffer from glue residues, so that the window remains clean.

You can easily create and order static stickers for the window or smooth surfaces online. These stickers in full color print on white or transparent static foil and can be supplied on sheets or cut loose.

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