Did KBC Call You Have Won A Lottery? 

It seems to be a common scam. The company claiming to run the kbc lottery winner is calling you and asking for your credit card information. However, a quick Google search reveals that this is not a legitimate lottery call. Beware of scams and never give out your credit card information to an unknown number.

Have you ever received lottery winning notifications from an unknown number?

The fake lottery person calls their targets on WhatsApp and tells them they have won a prize worth 25 lakh. The message will say they have won the prize in a region outside India, such as Yunnan, Saudi Arabia, or Dubai. The number that they use will be linked to a Mumbai SBI branch. It is essential to check if this number is genuine.

This scam is straightforward to trace. A fake KBC head office number is  that aims to steal your money. The number is linked to a Mobilink office in Islamabad, Pakistan. The number is a fraudster whose identity is unknown, so do not respond to lottery scam calls. Don’t pay for lottery claims you haven’t won.

Do You Have What It Takes to Win the KBC lottery?

Don’t let them convince you otherwise if you have won the lottery. You’re probably not the only one. Many scams are circulating the world today, and you don’t want to be one of them. The police warn that there is a scam on the KBC lottery winner 2022. The scammers will send you an SMS asking you to pay a refundable amount for GST purposes or lottery processing. The police may also contact you through WhatsApp. In these cases, it’s best to be cautious with your details. If you get an SMS from an unknown number, you should check its authenticity.

KBC game shows in India

Kaun Banega Crorepati is one of the most popular game shows in India. The new season will air every Monday to Friday at 9 am. There are even scams that are based on this show. The show is unreal, and the actor warned the audience against being fooled by the messages. The message is fake.

Another common scam is a fake lottery call from a KBC lottery number check online 2022 representative. It’s common to contact someone through WhatsApp, and the KBC person may ask for a refundable amount for GST purposes. Messages from these people are likely to be fraudulent. In some cases, the scammer will use the name of the SBI branch in the Mumbai area to lure people into believing they have won a lot of money.

In the latest case

A Malad, Mumbai resident got a scammed message on WhatsApp. The scammer claimed the lottery was for an “Rs.25 lakh” lottery. The actress was very confused and called the police, which said that the message was fake. Even though it resembled the real thing, the actor had sent the message from a fake KBC member.

The KBC official website is a scam. The scammer claims to have won a considerable sum of money. Then, the scammer tells the target to pay a refundable amount for GST purposes or lottery processing. Then, they ask for a processing fee of Rs.25 lakh. The whole message is likely fake, and the phone caller is only using their phone to trick others.


Often, the scammers use WhatsApp as a medium for contact with their targets. They promise to send you money and then ask you to pay a refundable amount. If you’re suspicious, you should immediately report it to the nearest police station and talk to your family about the scam. You might be the victim of lottery fraud. If you receive a text message or call from this scammer, report the kbc head office number mumbai message to the police

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