Definition of Managed Security Service Provider

With so many acronyms out there in the field of technology, it is easy to get confused.  One of those acronyms is MSSP.  The meaning of MMSP is “managed IT security service providers”.  A growing industry, MSSPs serve your business, so you don’t have to have an informational technology (IT) department or staff dedicated to managing all things “tech”. It is especially important to small- and medium-sized businesses, as they may lack resources to devote to an IT department.  Outsourcing this part of operations is a cost-effective solution.  But what, exactly, does an MSSP do?

What is an MSSP?

In the early days of the internet, providers offered the use of firewalls and storage to consumers.  Over time and with increased needs, MSSPs have become common for management, security, and protection of business information and data. Some industries also have compliance regulations that must be met. A managed IT security services provider assist in keeping everything safe and secure.

Basically, MSSPs monitor and manage the infrastructure, so all IT systems operate with maximum security and efficiency.  MSSPs provide proactive, IT managed security services and monitor business systems for potential problems and threats. They also assist with necessary hardware and software updates, leading to better access, backups, and disaster recovery, even in a worst-case scenario. This work is tedious, and time-intensive, thus outsourcing with a quality MSSP is a solid solution.

Benefits of Using an MSSP

When you work with an MSSP, they are an extension of your business, like an internal IT team, helping you in many ways.  Your infrastructure must fully support your needs.  This can be costly for initial setup but even more so to maintain cutting-edge security and technology solutions in place.  An MSSP can support updates and analysis for solutions to problems that you may never encounter but would be ready if they do.

With demand for highly qualified specialists, the workforce supply may not be able to keep up, making it difficult to hire for these positions internally.  An MSSP fills this gap, preventing your company from having to maintain a secure and efficient infrastructure on its own. Additionally, with ever-evolving cyberthreats, MSSPs provide highly trained specialists with specific expertise you may need in the event of a data breach. especially when dealing with detailed compliance standards that require a specialized knowledge base.

Issues arise anytime.  Your business must have staff always available if a need arises, which isn’t always possible in-house.  A quality MSSP can scale this degree of workforce availability. MSSPs have also experienced a wide range of scenarios, offering mature security solutions to help new or small- to medium-sized with increased response time and reduced damage.

How Much Does an MSSP Cost?

To quote True North ITG, “It’s a lot less than paying hackers’ ransom.”  Estimates set the cost for a security specialist at $100,000 or more, making it challenging for businesses with a small number of employees. Therefore, MSSPs are even more desirable.

Pricing can vary. You can choose a la carte or select-a-service, which is helpful if you already have systems in place or don’t have comprehensive needs. You may also choose to pay by user or by device, depending on the MSSP.  Some offer a tiered approach, again allowing you to tailor services to your needs.

A per-month cost ranges around $150-$200 per month, depending on such variables as:

• type/size of business

• compliance standards

• number of employees and/or devices


• services

How Can Klik Solutions Help?

Cyberattacks and data breaches will continue to become more sophisticated, requiring you to continue being vigilant.  Klik Solutions is here to help!

We provide managed IT services in Baltimore to support your team or become your IT team, reducing concerns about cybersecurity and data loss. We help you maximize efficiency and protection.  Contact us for a consultation!

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