Cyberpunk 2077, the game of the future 50 years from now

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This is the launch of a brand new game, Cyberpunk 2077 from the famous label CD Projekt Red, capturing the essence of the game with the cutting edge of the game with content and narrative in our world in the 2077 era, many people are very interested in the game. because I want to see the imaginary pattern in the future of the world in the next 50 years.

Characteristics of the game Cyberpunk 2077


It is an RPG game with a decade theme of the Cyberpunk world and a story within the game that can be played for nearly 100 hours. Anyone who buys this game will probably know that. Will play the role of the protagonist V mercenary can choose both female and male. Ready to dress in any part of the body

After that, you can choose the country of origin which class you want to be. There are 3 types to choose from: 1. A street child 2. A gangster and 3. A child in the organization and living in the Night City (a city that is designed to be clearly divided into classes) that employ various jobs Until one day I met the spirit of Johnny Silverhand from a special chip that was obtained. Is a famous former singer And also a soldier of the revolutionary group After that, you will find many missions. With an intense narrative And there are many options Players will therefore be excited throughout the game.

The need for a duel with a boss who has skill level. In the story will not make the player collide with the boss too fast. Will take time Has been trained to develop skills to be able to conquer the boss. And can fight together


Excellent every move Pay attention to every detail. Gameplay in FPS style with a variety of aggressive Action, whether it is penetrating with realistic images, Hacking and research Each mission excites the player all the time with the most competitive events and roles to choose from in 3 different roles: Battle Brawl / Hacking / Data Hacking / Equipment that focuses on the use of equipment to perform various missions.


Many people choose to play games based on themes. Would not be disappointed with this game Because it is the theme of the future world of 2077, players will be able to see cutting-edge technology, beautiful, but still cultures, religions, according to the mission area as well as in Cyberpunk2077 Has involved religious matters But they are just a few components. Because it avoids the drama of the differences of religion It can be considered that the game makers understand and do it right.

The highlight is that there is no Game Over day.

It is a real game suitable for real situations. Is to live the game’s protagonist to face strangers, secret organizations, performing various assigned missions. At least it is different from other games that If you get hurt and then die, let’s start a new game. But this game survived To make the meat run as realistic as possible

Disadvantages of Cyberpunk2077

It is not considered a disadvantage. That’s because this game is realistically spectacular graphics. A lot of details Therefore not suitable for low-spec machines You may experience spasms while playing the game. Spoil the taste

For Cyberpunk2077 It was released in September 2020, and many players have already bought it, try it out and review it on Youtube. Some other social media Most of them said that it was okay. But there are still a small number of voices that are considered not worth the price paid. Because the graphics are bad, not like the ones advertised But regardless, the game has a fierce battle storyline, so it’s not for kids to try out. Because it contains violent content Both speech characteristics And the various fighting methods are too realistic for the child’s age. Now you can get Free Credit Casino online games.