Current and Future Prospects of eSports Betting

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Over the last decade, eSports has often appeared in the top list of the most popular sports products. Although they can’t stand the competition with football and basketball, they have a huge fan base that determined their constant growth and development. The eSports community has turned into a powerful mechanism with various services involved.

General Tendency

Today, the unique culture of eSports provides a lot of marketing possibilities for betting brands who decide to be innovative. At, players can access a wide range of assets and odds, which lead to good profits.

The betting volume on eSports titles determines the popularity of the existing eSports titles with League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO. As the popularity of eSports has formed the betting audience, the number of sportsbooks on the market has started increasing. The undeniable benefit of eSports betting is its pure focus on eSports that contributes to their specialist eSports knowledge and skills.

Current Situation

The year of 2020 has become a huge surprise, or better to say disappointment, for many people all over the world. The pandemic has changed our life once and for all. Huge damages were caused to the entertainment industry, including traditional sports. Football, basketball, and many other matches were canceled or conducted in empty stadiums.

The iGaming industry seems to be one of not many winners during and after the series of lockdowns. Since most people had to stay at home, they were looking for alternative ways of having fun and earning money. In this context, eSports turned out to be the best possible option. People could enjoy their favorite games and make a profit without leaving the comfort of their homes. In the most challenging times, this kind of online activity has become a saving grace for many of us.

In 2020, eSports experienced an enormous boost while traditional sports had to deal with global challenges. Having a viable backup vertical, eSports operators activated their forces by trying to help as many players as possible to join the eGaming world.

The initial impact of the pandemic was outstanding. Due to the lack of events, bettors were forced to switch from real sports to simulation games. As a result, the eSports turnover grew up by the factor of 30. Now that all major real sports competitions are back, turnover happens to stay seven times higher than pre-Covid.

Future Prospects

Considering the instability in the modern world, it’s hard to make predictions. The situation may change at any minute. In the best-case scenario, eSports will face the further growth by the end of 2022. Top first-person shooters like Dota 2 and CS:GO will continue profiting a lot from the sports crisis, mainly because they are easy to adopt by traditional bettors. Also, the reputation and popularity of these games have already been strong before the pandemic.

The further increase is obviously a result of the fact that betting operators supplied the eSports industry with a diversity of traditional sportsbooks. Also, dedicated eSports clients demonstrated a growth of about 500%, which is an all-time high result.

By the end of 2021, simulation games will reach a stable turnover. In the short-term perspective, we will see them taking their performance to a higher level. The younger generation is coming from behind, which might make this thing possible, especially for such market players as LoL, Dota, or Overwatch. But there can be something else that affects the market trends. We can only sit and watch it happening.