Cricket – how to bet?

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Cricket is quite a popular sport all over the world and even has a long tradition in many countries. Here we will also look at popular sports betting and prestigious tournaments.

Cricket – Best bookmakers

First of all, it should be noted that cricket is one of the less attractive sports for the Polish football fan. This negatively affects the offers of individual bookmakers. The main thing is that there are not as many tournaments, matches and, ultimately, betting opportunities here as in many other sports. However, you will definitely find something to your liking, you just need to choose the right bookmaker, such as Parimatch

Types of bets on cricket

The most popular cricket bet is the simple match winner bet. Although sometimes we have a choice of three options (win away, draw, win at home). In other cases, the betting opportunity is recorded as a winner to be determined (including super over) – i.e. no draw.

Another type of cricket betting that you may come across is betting on the number of points in a match. This bet is very popular in the form of over/under, where the bookmaker gives a certain number of points, and you guess whether the final score will be higher or lower. However, this can also be written as an exact score, which is a risky bet and we do not recommend using it.

Also, do not lose sight of betting on the winner of a tournament or league, where you guess a few days or months in advance. These are very popular bets, but betting on the entire season before it starts is a little risky. That’s why it’s a good idea to wait for the first few matches before betting on the favorite.

Live Cricket Betting

When it comes to live Parimatch cricket betting, you are likely to find it more attractive as bookies offer more betting options than pre-match betting. Apart from the bets I mentioned in the previous paragraph, live bets also include the very popular handicap bets, innings bets and many more. The offered odds mainly depend on the attractiveness of the match in question and of course the bookmaker you are betting with.

For most bettors, live betting is the best option as it provides a lot of adrenaline and a distinct edge over pre-match betting. This is especially true if you have a live stream where you can watch the match in progress. This way you can make decisions based on what is happening on the field, which of course improves the accuracy of your predictions. Many bettors also like the chat where they can communicate with other bettors and exchange knowledge and experience. However, this option is not available for all bookmakers.